Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 113

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, June 26, 2015 5 comments

The E3 Episode.  Me and Justin argue over semantics.  Who won?  You be the judge.  Listen or download after the jump.


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DeathAdder83 said...

As someone who has done 95% of his gaming on a Playstation 3 since early 2008, I thought I'd give my thoughts on The Bad Guys as of late. Microsoft has been drunk off of Mountain Dew and greed for the past 10 years, the XBOX 360 was a time bomb with an insane yearly fee just to go online and not to mention practically no exclusive titles. While the XBOX One was originally announced as the console to destroy all video games as we know it, even once they took away the DRM, you still had to pay an additional $100 dollars for some piece of shit Kinnect that nobody wanted and was originally designed to watch you masturbate while drunk on the couch. So the fact that you can now get a $350 XBOX One, with all of the bullshit stripped away, being backwards compatible, and some decent games coming out for it. HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! I haven't felt this good about Microsoft since the Original XBOX days, and see no problem with picking one up now. Even if it means a permaban from the Sony Ponies over at the MCC. ;)

Also, the announcement of Fallout 4 finally has me scraping together my pennies for a current-gen console, that game is going to be fucking amazing! I am going to get so much Rad Poisoning!

British Steel said...

I don't care how long the MCC episode is. I put the MP3 on my phone and listen to it on the job; the longer it is the longer I don't have to listen to people talk at work. Same with Tiger Claw Radio.

I really don't like how Konami went off the deep end. I don't care if you're abandoning consoles and going to mobile formats, you don't shitcan the best creative talent in the industry, nor do you cancel your two flagship franchises.

I have a few tunes you guys can use for the show. Mondo Cool still have a dropbox?

The Devil Burning said...

Mechamenace. I was scrolling through the comments and my gf saw your post telling her to take a chill pill. this is her response.
Tell mecha that the equivalent of me taking a chill pill is for me to fly down to southern California and beat your ass into the ground."
I would be careful bro, she knows people... <3

mechaMenace said...

That's a lot of spice from your GF, TDB. A quick temper could work against her in a situation with the wrong person. I'm just advising caution.

As I think about those few short moments in the cast, I am understanding it more and more. I believe people shouldn't feel like they are being attacked when I throw out an 'omg' because I don't want to continue with the topic--not that I am dismissing their opinion; I just don't want to go down that road in conversation. An 'omg' is more brief and it is my fault for not fully explaining this. It has nothing to do with her personally.

Thanks for answering my music question in MCC111. Being that the track was from Galaxy Force II, it is no wonder I thought the music might be from OutRun. The arcade machines run the same sound hardware.

Kazlab208 said...

Well since CF said on his last podcast that sending in comments and e-mails helped him get back on the podcasting horse, I thought I might as well try the same with you Jerry. So here it goes.

First question. What are your thoughts on the Steam Machine? I was eyeing one up before it came out because I like the idea of a PC Console hybrid. Also, the controller looks amusing to me. However, once I found out that only 1/7th of the Steam Library would run on it and that most of those games where low quality indie games, I gave up. Maybe they will fix that in the future.

Second question. Did you ever try the PlayStation now service offered on the PS4? Asking since I am wondering if the input lag improved a little bit. Also interested in it because it gives me a chance to play some PS3 games that I missed out on without actually having to buy a PS3.

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