Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 112

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Friday, June 19, 2015 3 comments

We have an amazing guest on this program.  Dave from the original Classic Game Room shoots the shit with Justin and myself.  check it out.

Dave explaining where the heck he went in full detail


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British Steel said...

Great episode. I liked the conversation with Dave. As much as I dislike MJR and allgengamers, it was nice to have an episode devoid of the hate train.

This episode and the last episode both mentioned Saturn emulation. Is there a PC emulator for the Saturn that's any good? I tried one years ago (I don't remember which one it was) but it didn't work well at all.

Where can I find the interlude songs from the podcast? They sounded like 80s pop-rock and I love the synthesizers in them.

Also, which episode had the Mark interview? I have been out of the loop until recently.

Regarding grills: hit up a K-Mart. They have a good 4-burner gas grill from Kenmore for about $200. It's an older model they're trying to get rid of. I assembled one for my father-in-law and used it several times, and it's on my list-of-shit-to-get for my house. It's got a stainless-steel lid with a thermometer built in. It's a good quality grill and built tonka tough.

mechaMenace said...

Steel, use SSF. I haven't used Yababuse, but I have heard that it works ok as well. I used SSF to play Radiant Silvergun, Bulk Slash, some ninja penguin game, and booted up Legend of Oasis. I haven't used Saturn emulation in a bit, but those games ran fine on my last PC build. The most important thing in emulation is the CPU. If you have a fast CPU, then you're probably ok speed-wise if emulation is farther along.

That 80's-style song was made for Double Dragon Neon:

I'm pretty sure the Mark interview is within the first 10 episodes. It may have been the first episode. Start there or read the shownotes. Ha ha ha

Dammit, JT! That typing needs to be toned down. You could lower the pickup on your mic as well. I'm sure you can figure out your new computer setup by the next MCC.

The Devil Burning said...

David Hasselhoff - True Survivor (from Kung Fury)

DD Neon: 04 - City Streets 2 (Mango Tango - Neon Jungle)

Mitch Murder – Power Move ( Kung Fury - Original Soundtrack )

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