DVD Review: America In Primetime (2011)

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America In Prime-time is a 4-part documentary about the brilliance of American prime-time television . With a ton of special guests (just read the little bit at the end, sheesh) talking about what they love about the programs they grew up with. The kinds of shows they talk about range from the 50's family comedy like Leave It To Beaver all the way up to the not so family friendly sex craze horrors like True Blood and Dexter. While the main focus of this show is TV, each episode has it's own unique theme. Episode one is all about the family man, episode two is about realistic heroes (like army men, doctors, police, etc), the third part takes a look at the women who shaped TV , and the final installment talks about misfit characters. (Click "Read More" for full review).

DVD Review: The No.6 (2011)

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No.6 is an anime adaptation of the book series of the same name and is about two young boys named Sion and Rat. The story starts off when Sion is only 12 years old and he is a very smart kid (well more like a genius of a kid) who is thinking about his future. Later that night he is fascinated by the rainy weather outside and goes outside to admire it more by screaming like a little girl. When he returns to his bed he gets told off by his mother for leaving the window open. After the window has closed he is suddenly attacked by a mysterious young boy named Rat who ends up being on the run from the law. Sion and Rat end up getting along with each other but sadly it ends when you hear the police knocking on the door. The story then flashes forward four years with Sion having some crappy security job and witnesses some grizzly deaths that involve people aging suddenly and parasitic bees hatching out of the victims necks (yikes). He then questions that there is some conspiracy going on linking these deaths to the government and then he soon finds himself arrested by the government (double yikes). While on his way to a place they call the “Correctional Facility” but thank goodness he is saved by Rat while on the way to the “Correctional Facility” and they end up fleeing the city to a town called “West District”. When I found out what happens in the “Correctional Facility” I was shocked and very disturbed and I'm sure you will too. I'm not going to spoil what happens but I will say that the stuff that does happen could easily happen to us here in the real world as it is stuff that has happened before in the past and that's why I find it disturbing as all hell. (Click "Read More" for rest of review).

Tiger Claw Radio #115 - Allied Writing Camp

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Episode 115 of Tiger Claw Radio is here! In this episode, the music of 22 Jacks and Frank Zappa. Also: Video Game Collecting. How much is too much?

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DVD Review: This is England '88 (2011)

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Time for a break from reviewing the typical stuff I normally review like anime and wrestling. This time we'll be looking at the British television series “This Is England '88”. Oh how excited I am to be reviewing a television show from the UK. This Is England '88 takes place two years after “This Is England '86” (sequel to the film “This Is England”) making this the third installment of the series. The show takes place over the Christmas holidays “December 23rd, 24th, 25th” of 1988 and is about a gang of punks but mainly focuses on three people from that gang, Lol, Woody and Shaun. Lol is a wreck, not only suffering post-natal depression but is also haunted by her past and is reminded of a guy she murdered back in “This Is England '86”. Woody is also suffering as his best friend (Milky) knocking up his love (Lol) which absolutely destroyed him. Shaun is in collage and is preparing for a play he will star in on Christmas Eve and his fellow co-star has a crush on him but... Shaun has a girlfriend. Will this be the holiday from hell for poor Shaun? Most bloody likely yeah as depression is a big part of this show. (Click "Read More" for full article)

Blu-Ray Review: NWO The Revolution (2012)

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N.W.O. The Revolution is a documentary focusing on one of the biggest and greatest staples in the history of professional wraslin', the N.W.O. AKA The New World Order. This feature mostly highlights 1996 and 1997 which were the best years though they do touch on 1999 and 2002 for just a smidgen which weren't the best of days to be a fan of that team as they sucked. Some of the people they booked as guests for this feature really had nothing to do with them other than watch them on TV back in the day (like Cody Rhodes and Matt Striker) and funny enough I have no problem with it as it added a little charm. Some of the guests they have that were involved in this team was unexpected, I sure as hell didn't expect to see Lex Luger or Vince Russo to make an appearance in this program. The rest of the guests are people you would expect but some of them like Scott Hall and Eric Bischoff were just recycled footage from older releases like “Monday Night Wars” and “N.W.O. Back In black”. Overall the feature was OK, nothing terrible but it does feel a little empty. The beginning was a little slow but picked up in the middle only to slow down again towards the end but was still very watchable.  [Click "Read More" for rest of article].

Episode 114 - Romantic Lowrider Saloon

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Featuring Toxic and Pigpen from the TCPub. Hear the story of Magfest XI! Enjoy episode 114 of Tiger Claw Radio!

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Beastcast 32 - DC cant get its shit together

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Rambling and Ranting as usual about DC Warner, how Marvel rocks, and my thoughts on the new upcoming Conan movie with Ahnuld!

DVD Review Toradora! Part 2 (2008 - 2009) + OVA (2011)

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If you haven't read the review of the previous volume then I strongly suggest checking it out as some things in this review might confuse you. If you have read the review for the previous volume I give you many thanks. There is no consequence for ignoring this warning as I'm too lazy to spread my wrath...enjoy!

This show is about Ryuji and Taiga, two high school students that have matured quite a bit since the last time as they started off as a bunch of punks. Taiga is still trying to help Ryuji get together with Minori (a girl that Ryuji has a crush on). Compared to the first volume these episodes are a lot more lively and energetic making it the show feel less slow. Background characters you would of saw in the previous volume are more talkative making them more purposeful to the show and gives it a little extra meat for good measure. The main characters are still very likeable and relate-able but I still don't like that fucking bird Inko-chan as he comes off as more annoying than it is comic relief making me want to strangle the hell out of it.

Magfest XI

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Here is my humble video of my first Magfest. Enjoy!

Australia rejoice! Hanabee has announced their March line up of anime titles. The titles we'll be getting are: Hakuoki Season 1 (a series based on a Playstation Portable game from last year), Bakemonogatari (with volume 2 hitting in April), Volume 2 of Bodacious Space Pirates, and lastly a animated horror film called GYO Tokyo Fish Attack!

I'm looking forward to these releases and after the jump are some pictures of the covers and a description of the shows. Also you can see reviews of these releases sometime in the future but make sure to check out the other reviews of Hanabee products like Toradora!, Dream Eater Merry, Arakawa Under the Bridge, and Red Vs. Blue. [Click “Read More” for the rest of the article].

Blu-ray Review: ECW Unreleased Vol.1 (2012)

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