DVD Review Toradora! Part 2 (2008 - 2009) + OVA (2011)

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If you haven't read the review of the previous volume then I strongly suggest checking it out as some things in this review might confuse you. If you have read the review for the previous volume I give you many thanks. There is no consequence for ignoring this warning as I'm too lazy to spread my wrath...enjoy!

This show is about Ryuji and Taiga, two high school students that have matured quite a bit since the last time as they started off as a bunch of punks. Taiga is still trying to help Ryuji get together with Minori (a girl that Ryuji has a crush on). Compared to the first volume these episodes are a lot more lively and energetic making it the show feel less slow. Background characters you would of saw in the previous volume are more talkative making them more purposeful to the show and gives it a little extra meat for good measure. The main characters are still very likeable and relate-able but I still don't like that fucking bird Inko-chan as he comes off as more annoying than it is comic relief making me want to strangle the hell out of it.

I felt a bit ripped off with the ending as they were building it up by placing a succulent banquet that looks absolutely beautiful but out comes the waiter who wants to perform a party trick by pulling the tablecloth right under us and ultimately failing and the banquet is now all ruined. I was hoping the special OVA would patch things up but nope what we get is an episode about Ryuji trying to make the perfect lunch. The OVA wasn't bad but it was very weak compared to the main series so watch it if you want but you won't get much out of it.
women are scary.

Animation isn't half bad but some of the mouth movements can be a bit awkward to watch as it feels like that I'm looking at inflatable people (something like blow-up dolls for all the perverts out there). Artwork on the other hand is very beautiful looking and I do quite like how the characters have more than one look, like how the women naturally switch between clothes, hairstyles and makeup like they would in real life. Cause we know a lot of anime out there have characters that look like they don't change unless they are forced to (like a hobo). Much like the volume before this I still find the music very irritating to listen to with it's auto-tuned pop-rock that makes this industry lazy and stale.
Target: Minori.  Mission: Tap that.

The special features section has four bonus episodes titled “SOS Hurray for Gourmands”which takes the main characters into ultra cute super deformed territory. These episodes revolve around the gang sitting in school wondering about what certain food taste like then going to the local restaurant called “Johnny's” to eat those foods in comedic fashion while dropping random pieces of useless trivia. The episodes are only five minutes long and while they were pretty funny the gags do feel repetitive but never dull or boring minus the segments with Inko-chan (the pet budgie) which just feels like wasted space (to be fair I did found one of these segments to be funny). Another bonus is a very nice box to store the DVDs in sorta like what you would of seen in the mid-00s complete with empty spot to put the first volume in (you can read the review of the first volume in Mondo Cool Monthly #7).
Guy with glasses: Did you complete that mission Ryuji? Ryuji: Buy the DVD to find out.  
Even though I did have some complaints about this volume I still found it to be a quite decent show. Minus the ending (and the other complaints like Inko-chan) I highly recommend giving this a watch as it was very charming and it will also drag you in emotionally like a riptide. It gets a yes from me for sure.

Title: Toradora! Part 2 + OVA
Animation Studio: J.C. Staff
Genre: Animation/Anime, Comedy, Slice of Life
Running Time: 338 Minutes
Distributor: Hanabee
Rating: M15+ (Coarse language)
Price: $59.99
Recommended:  Yes

Here's a bonus video showing off what the box set looks like:


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