DVD Review: The No.6 (2011)

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No.6 is an anime adaptation of the book series of the same name and is about two young boys named Sion and Rat. The story starts off when Sion is only 12 years old and he is a very smart kid (well more like a genius of a kid) who is thinking about his future. Later that night he is fascinated by the rainy weather outside and goes outside to admire it more by screaming like a little girl. When he returns to his bed he gets told off by his mother for leaving the window open. After the window has closed he is suddenly attacked by a mysterious young boy named Rat who ends up being on the run from the law. Sion and Rat end up getting along with each other but sadly it ends when you hear the police knocking on the door. The story then flashes forward four years with Sion having some crappy security job and witnesses some grizzly deaths that involve people aging suddenly and parasitic bees hatching out of the victims necks (yikes). He then questions that there is some conspiracy going on linking these deaths to the government and then he soon finds himself arrested by the government (double yikes). While on his way to a place they call the “Correctional Facility” but thank goodness he is saved by Rat while on the way to the “Correctional Facility” and they end up fleeing the city to a town called “West District”. When I found out what happens in the “Correctional Facility” I was shocked and very disturbed and I'm sure you will too. I'm not going to spoil what happens but I will say that the stuff that does happen could easily happen to us here in the real world as it is stuff that has happened before in the past and that's why I find it disturbing as all hell. (Click "Read More" for rest of review).

The show is very well written and will keep your attention but it's also one of those shows that work best as filler content when you haven't got anything else to watch. The artwork and animation is very beautiful looking but I do have to nitpick something with the art. When Sion is 12 he is very awkward looking as he looks like a mixture of 6-year old on a 13-year old body but gives the impression that he is a old man, so what I'm saying is he looks so far off from being 12 that it makes it very awkward. The artwork for Sion from the flash-forward onwards looks way better but as I said before it's just me nitpicking. I really love the detail that went into the backgrounds as it captures the settings it's portraying very well and actually makes it feel like I am there (as cheesy as that sounds). The English dub was OK nothing bad I can really say about it but I can't really say anything overly praising about it either but it does the job.
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I really like the special features on this one, you do get some television spots and you get audio commentary on every episode which is a thing I've never seen much of in anime releases. The commentary has the voice actors and producers talking about working on the show and giving random trivia and it was very entertaining. I did like the parts of them talking about the differences between the anime and the books and really makes me want to check the books out. The commentary is in Japanese so what I like to do is put the subtitles to the commentary while watching the show with the English dub on and it's not hard to follow both at the same time but you will see a spoiler here and there. A problem I do have with this is the “set-up” section of the DVD doesn't have the option to turn on the commentary subtitles without picking the commentary track itself so you will have to set it like this while watching the show which can be a little tedious but worth it in the end. Overall this show is worth a watch but it will suffer from being a dust collector until you decide to watch it again in awhile.
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Title: The No.6
Genre: Anime/Animated, Sci-Fi
Running Time: 300 minutes (11 episodes)
Animation Studio: Bones
Distributor: Siren Visual
Rating: MA15+ (Strong Animated Violence)
Price: $49.95
Recommended: Yes


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