Got my Saturn Mod chip, installed it. Works great! Playing Panzer Dragoon saga right now. Not bad so far. Let's see how good this story gets. People keep saying it's got a great story and that this is one of the best games ever made. Can't wait to find out for myself.

The other thing I've been waiting for got here in the mail today. Splatterhouse! It's pretty much the reason I bought a Turbografx. It's a pretty gory game and even the sound when you hit puase is spooky. Can't wait to get further into that one.

Three Dirty Dwarves First Impressions

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Monday, June 29, 2009 2 comments

I've been playing Three Dirty Dwarves all day and I fucking love it! This is one of those games that I wish I had when it first came out. It's just the kind of quirky goofy thing I naturally love and enjoy. The plot's pretty strange. You control three dirty dwarves that were summoned from Middle-Earth by four super genius genetically enhanced children through a magical portal in a table top RPG. Yeah. Apparently the insane army dude wants these genius children to use their enhanced super genius abilities to make some super soldiers, he also wants a pizza. So when the dwarves are summoned to the real world they land in a sporting goods store and arm themselves.

I fucking finally got my damn Jaguar in the mail! Woo! Haven't tested it out yet. I don't know if it'll do anything without a game. So now I'm going to either go up the street and see what's the cheapest game they've got or order something online. Not sure which one I want. I might wait a while any way.

I also got a broadband adapter for my Gamecube! I've all ready got an ethernet cross over cable and a second gamecube. So all I need now is another BBA for the GCN and two copies of Mario Kart Double Dash and one more TV. Plus with the BBA I'll be able to download crap and play a few games online and shit. It might be cool....I probably won't mess with that at all lol.

I also got Silent Hill Origins which I've wanted ever since I first got my PSP but I finally saw it for really cheapy cheap on amazon. I also got a new sealed copy of Star Ocean III for $20. Not bad. so I opened that bitch and flipped through the manual. I'm going to wait till at least after I finish up First Departure. I'm kind of bummed I can't play Star Ocean IV as it's on 360 so that might wait some years just like part III did. Oh well. Unless it comes to ps3 someday. That'd be dope shit. Apparently Star Ocean is my favorite RPG series hahaha.

Oh well I'm gonna watch some Dragon Ball Z episodes then go play some First Departure. Then maybe later tonight I'll test out that Jag.

I went to a bunch of junk stores today with my Mom. It's been forever since I spent any time with her so I thought up something we'd both enjoy. My Mom collects depression glass and I collect games. Antique/junks stores usually have both. I didn't find anything at any of the crazy stores she goes to.

We did however go to a used video store I used to drive by on my way to work every night. They had a small game collection but I did find a complete copy of Super R Type for the SNES and Super Street Fighter II for the Genesis. Stree Fighter wouldn't work and somehow me taking the Sega CD ram cart out of the Genesis I lost my save for Snatcher which sucks. It was my second playthrough and I wasn't far in...but still that's weird. Some other saves that I'd previously deleted seemed to have some how come back? Weird shit dude. That Used video store did have a couple Sega Cd games though...and the cases were fucking mint. So for $2 I got Ultraverse Prime/Microcosm. I might just switch out the case with D for the Saturn. I did mostly buy it for the case. There were other SCD games with perfect cases also for $2 bucks or so...I might go back for them.

Then we stopped at the Game Haven some game store I've driven past a few times on my way to the Mall. It was....ok. The price on most things sucked pretty bad. Used copy of MGS4 for $37? I can get it shrink wrapped brand new anywhere in the world for $29.99. I understand it's hard to keep shit updated...but damn. There were a ton of people there but none of them browsing games...they were setting up their table top RPG game in the back room. I looked through the N64 games and found Star Fox and Perfect Dark for $5....not bad and I picked up Forsaken 64 for $4. I somehow got it confused with Hexen 64...ahahaha oops. The games..whatever. I might play it some more. Not a bad haul for the day I guess. I didn't look through the N64 games to hard...I bet I could have found more shit. I wanted Jet Force Gemini too but not for $10.

They had a box full of rumble paks and gameboy transfer packs but no prices. For the right price I might have bought one of each. Shit I probably would have made a bigger effort to find a Pokemon Stadium game if the transfer pak was priced right. But the N64 case was next to the door to the Nerd Dungeon of Nefarious Purpose where the role players were setting up their miniatures and shit. All the restaurants in the plaza supplied with with the nutritious Subway Sandwiches they'd need for a successful afternoon of Orc Slaying and Dark Elf spell casting. Most of them had backpacks with many supplies, gatorades and giant bottles of water for hours of pretend goblin slaying. So I didn't like standing in that door way with all the traffic setting up tables and shit. Maybe I'll go back some other time and check out the N64 selection more closely...and maybe pick up the Rumble and transfer paks.

They also had a huge selection of old game guides. I kinda leafed through them looking for an MGS guide to add to my collection. No such luck. Didn't see anything else either. I did spot an old Pokemon Red and Blue guide that I've got. Great fucking guide, helped me catch them all. They had a SNES model 2 for $ off. There were also system boxes. I saw a tore up Saturn box, some ps3 boxes and a Dreamcast box was there. I don't know if the prices reflected just the sale of the box or if a system came with it or what. The one box I poked at and lifted up was empty. I don't know I didn't like the place but I did find some decently prices N64 games.

My Mom's didn't go in the last store...instead she went into the Wing Zone next door and picked up some hot wings! We went home where I played Star Fox 64 and ate some delicious wings.

Is it weird that I love the smell of a freshly opened game? Man cutting open the shrinky dink and inhaling that game factory air is amazing every time. I just opened my copy of Star Ocean: First Departue. I can't wait to play this game. I'm watching the intro scene as I type this. Star Ocean 2 Second Story is my favourite PS1 RPG. I loved that game. I might pick up the PSP version of that too. I think I'm going to try and buy more PSP games. I want to support the UMD.

While I think the PSP GO looks good, a very sexy slim stylish piece of hardware, I don't support digital Distrobution. It does everything my psp 1000 does...but worse. It doesn't have improved battery life? It has a smaller screen? It won't play the 15 UMD games I've bought for it? What good is it then? I can use my psp 1000 to download everything it can least that's the theory going around the internets.

Anyway what else have I gotten recently. Yesterday in the mail I got my commodore 64. Neat! test it out and it works fine. Ordered a cart to test it with. Waiting on the Jaguar still, the N Gage isn't coming and I've gotten a refund, I've won a copy of Splatterhouse for $10.50, Silent Hill Origins is on its way, bought another ps1 memory card, bought a Gamecube broadband adapter....hmmm I know there's a ton more. OH! Have a Wonderswan color and wonderswan wrasslin game coming.

For the Metal Gear collection I ordered a MGS1 guide book. I don't know...some guy on youtube got me geeked for guide books. He had a bad ass MGS3 hardcover guide that just looked so fucking cool. I wish I was on top of that shit when the game came out. Fuck. I think I need to get the word of my gaming blog out there. Shit I need to make more youtube vids. I think I'll just do it my own way of minimal to no editing. Just record ten minutes of me dicking around in a game then add a voice over. I still want to do my Lost Vikings, Vigilante 8 comparison vids but I'm so terrible at editing. The shits too time consuming for my ass.

Oh well I'm going to play this Star Ocean game, watch some Dragon Ball Z and go to bed. Tomorrow I'm hanging out with my Mom haha. We're going to pawn shops and antique stores. Hopefully I find some bad ass game stuff. That's my secret double purpose.

Still waiting for the Jag,the N Gage and my Japanese copy of MGS:Integral. However today I did get my Wonderswan. So I ordered a game for it then decided I really should have just sprang for a Wonderswan Color so I bought one from China. HA! The collection gets more retarded every day. Also I'm waiting on some Intellivision games to come in the mail as well as my frist Atari 800xl cart. I wish my disc drive worked so I could play some damn games on floppy disc.

I wish I had my own house. I need to get rich and crap so I can finally have enough space to set up my damn game collection. I need a second bookshelf to store game systems. If I had second power tower I could put my PS3, Xbox, intellivision, Atari Jaguar and my doubles or something on there. Then I'd have enough space to organize wires and power supplies and shit.