Still waiting for the Jag,the N Gage and my Japanese copy of MGS:Integral. However today I did get my Wonderswan. So I ordered a game for it then decided I really should have just sprang for a Wonderswan Color so I bought one from China. HA! The collection gets more retarded every day. Also I'm waiting on some Intellivision games to come in the mail as well as my frist Atari 800xl cart. I wish my disc drive worked so I could play some damn games on floppy disc.

I wish I had my own house. I need to get rich and crap so I can finally have enough space to set up my damn game collection. I need a second bookshelf to store game systems. If I had second power tower I could put my PS3, Xbox, intellivision, Atari Jaguar and my doubles or something on there. Then I'd have enough space to organize wires and power supplies and shit.


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