playin' some Jag

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Saturday, May 30, 2009 0 comments

So I finally won an Atari Jaguar on ebay! For $30! They usually go for a million dollars more than they're worth. I bought a Wonderswan for $20, free shipping from Japan! I'm also bidding on a Wonderswan color, so far it's only at a dollar so lets hope it stays that way!

I'm also buying MGS integral from Japan. Some day when I either mod my slim ps2 or buy a Japanese Ps2 I'll play it. It's got the full english translation. I hear it has a first person mode and you can change the guards paths. So that should make for a challenge to the people that have the guards patrols memorized for the past ten years.

Fuck yes! I just won a Nokia Ngage QD! It's a Tmobile phone and I have Tmobile so I'll be able to just pop in my SIM card and use it! I'll be the coolest dweeb on the block! Fuck yeah!


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