Oops Ebay mega raid!

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Sunday, May 3, 2009 0 comments

I went crazy again! I splurged on ebay one more time. This time mostly getting stuff for my Gameboy collection. First I bought a FC Mobile II, which is a hand held NES. You can hook it up to your TV and play NES games with the included 2 wireless controllers and the wirless light gun! As well as use it as a handheld NES. So I'll finally have an easy solution for moving to another TV to play Duck Hunt since I can't on my HDTV.

Next I bought a Psone so now I have the full playstation line of consoles. That's bad ass to have a complete collection...maybe someday I'll track down the LCD screen so I can really play PS1 games on the go.

The next huge round of splurging I did was after I made my gameboy collection video on youtube. I was playing around with Wario Land and thinking about how it's one of my favorite platformers and decided I needed to get the rest of the Wario Land games. I was actually thinking this same thing a few weeks or months ago so I went ahead and ordered Wario Land 2 and Wario Land 3. Browsing youtube I noticed the Gameboy light, so I bid on a couple of those but won't know if I get them for at least six more days. I've all ready been outbid on one of them, the ugly yellow one that I didn't want, but I'm still the highest bidder for the beat up one that comes with Pokemon green. That's the one I'm hoping to get. I would like to have Pokemon green and don't care if the system is a little beat up as long as it works, and lights up. I just want to be able to play regular gameboy without sitting at funny angles to get good lighting. So I'm crossing my fingers for that. Plus I want to have a rare Japanese gameboy in the collection.

The last thing I ordered was a Super Gameboy 2. I just discovered them yesterday, also from poking around youtube. The Super Gameboy 2 plays Gameboy color games in full color, has a port for a link cable and is generally awesome. Now it is designed to be used with the Super Famicom but I have modded my SNES to use Super Famicom carts and I do believe there's no region lock on gameboy games so this should work out just fine. The plan is once I get my Super Gameboy 2 is to use the link cable to trade pokemons from my Super Gameboy 2 to my Gameboy player....that should be interesting!

You might be thinking why are you getting a Super Gameboy 2 if you've got a gameboy player? Well honestly I'd rather play those games with a SNES pad than a Gamecube pad. If I could find a decent Wireless Gamecube pad laid out like a SNES pad I'd jump all over that too.


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