Hey party people! I've been adding a lot of crap to my website about video games. Now that I'm an unemployed bum and have received my huge check from those jerks I worked for I've got plenty of time to work on reviews and such. I added like 15+ mini reviews of all my favorite games to my game page.

Also I'm totally positive that in a few weeks when I get the next huge checks from my former employers I'll rush out and get a DVDrecorder. I can't wait for that. Then I can make video mini reviews of all my favorite games. As well as making a few comparisons.

I'd like to make a few comparison videos showing the differences between The Lost Vikings on SNES and Genesis as well as comparisons of The Lost Vikings 2 SNES VS Norse By Norsewest on the Playstation. The SNES version of LV2 is the far superior version and people need to know! I wish I had The Lost Vikings on GBA and the Saturn Version of Norse by Norsewest. I'd also like to comapre Vigilante 8 on the PSX and N64 as well as the sequels for the N64, PS1 and Dreamcast.


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