I finally found an awesome iPod game. Actually I had heard about it quite some time ago on an iPod gaming podcast and wanted it right then. But as soon as I had an iPod touch and the $6.99 to download the game that's just what I did.

I was immediately impressed. The game can be played in either the first person or third person. Much like an Elder Scrolls game I personally like the first person view. However I do switch to third person to check out any new armor or weapons I've picked up. As far as I know you can't scroll the camera around your character so that's a little bummer. So far that's the only complaint I've got and it's a pretty small one.

The combat also reminds me of The Elder Scrolls with the Z targeting of Zelda OoT. You lock on to your enemies and can circle around them and tap the on screen attack button to get stabby.

So far I've completed a few quests and leveled my guy up to 11 and bought some pieces of armor...it's been a lot of fun. The only major problem is the iPod touches shitty battery life.

Wow! Just finished Star Wars The Force Unleased Ultimate Sith Edition! Man...this game was way awesome. My awesome hot babe girlfriend bought it for me for Christmas. I'm about to blow through some of the DLC that comes on the disc with the Ultimate Sith Edition. I can't wait to go through the game a second time and see the alternate ending. I naturally went with the good guy ending as that's how I usually play games. Can't wait to see what the bad guy ending is like.

The game could have been longer but seeing as there's enough reason for me to want to play thorugh a second time...well that adds to its lasting power. All around awesome awesome game.

Also I was playing through a ps1 game on my Psone. Every time I play a game with a Dual Shock controller I'm always like "Holy shit rumbles awesome!" I really need to get around to buying a Dual Shock 3 for my PSTripple. It's amazing how big of a difference it makes. I never cared when I upgraded to the Ps3 but whenever I go back it always surprises me.

Gamefaqs.com just started their annual character battle. It's a popularity contest where video game characters are broken up into brackets and visiters to the site vote for their favorite characters. This year Revolver Ocelot was up against Pokemon Trainer Red. Guess who won? Pokemon Trainer Red! What the fuck? One of the best villains in video game history, no in history period, gets taken out by generic nameless characteristic free Pokemon Trainer Red? Bullshit!

Oh man I did it this time! I'm running a publicity stunt of sorts for my youtube channel. Check this video out.


The first person to officially support the project has well over 3,000 subscirbers so that should really drum up some awareness. Off to a great start. I probably should have given people less time to sub to my channel! I'm afraid I'll have to drive a ton of frickin miles.

Also I mentioned it to my internet friend who is a popular video game journalist with a successful website. So if he decided to mention it on his site it'll really bring the pain! So honestly I'm a little scared of how many subs I manage to score between now and the end of the month.

The iPod touch is the coolest thing ever! I've been playing MGS Touch and it's pretty cool. I had to have it because of my obsession with having Metal Gear games. It's really the only game I've put any time into...I've played this space shooter Meteor Blast. It's a lot of fun. Really reminds me of Super Star Dust HD. I don't know how many games I'm really going to get into on the iPod touch.