I finally found an awesome iPod game. Actually I had heard about it quite some time ago on an iPod gaming podcast and wanted it right then. But as soon as I had an iPod touch and the $6.99 to download the game that's just what I did.

I was immediately impressed. The game can be played in either the first person or third person. Much like an Elder Scrolls game I personally like the first person view. However I do switch to third person to check out any new armor or weapons I've picked up. As far as I know you can't scroll the camera around your character so that's a little bummer. So far that's the only complaint I've got and it's a pretty small one.

The combat also reminds me of The Elder Scrolls with the Z targeting of Zelda OoT. You lock on to your enemies and can circle around them and tap the on screen attack button to get stabby.

So far I've completed a few quests and leveled my guy up to 11 and bought some pieces of armor...it's been a lot of fun. The only major problem is the iPod touches shitty battery life.


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