Pussy TV #3 : Sega World Soccer '98 Demo (Sega Saturn)

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Part 3 of the pre-MCC days of Pussy TV. The other half will be posted next week.

Pussy TV #2 : Capcom Generation Volume 1 (Sega Saturn)

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Part 2 of the Pre-MCC days of Pussy TV.

Pussy TV #1 :Cyberbots

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Just posting up all the pre-MCC days of Pussy TV.
Heres episode 1. Cyberbots for the Sega Saturn.

Pussy TV #14 : Capcom Generations 5 (PS1)

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Sorry for the *blanked* up recording guys.
This episode was recorded Feb 27th 2011. The full audio can be found on catcast 36.

Mondo Cool Cast 00022

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I probably talk about some games maybe.  Shintai and I talk a little bit of Knights of the Old Republic and as always I read some emails. 

5 Games That Accurately Depict Life and Love in the City

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Moving to a big city can be a scary and lonely situation and millions of Urbanites shuffle through the streets on their own. For a lucky few that manage to find Mister or Miss Right there can be certain challenges that test the strength of the relationship. Thankfully game developers have shed some light on these grim realities that face millions of Urbanites on a daily basis and given us the tools to prepare for the challenges of city life and maintaining relationships.

PCDX Gameplay Series: Sonic Adventure. Sega Dreamcast 15 Parts.*Article completed April 19th 2011*

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*Article completed April 19th 2011*
Retrokaiser start's a whole new gameplay series. This time covering Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast.

Every part will be posted here.
Note: All 15 parts are up guys. Thank you all for your wonderful support.

^Part 15

Mondo Cool TV 0005.00

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The Beast Bar Episode 2

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Pussy TV #13 : Street Fighter EX 3 (PS2)

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On this weeks episode Retrokaiser looks at an early PS2 game that was panned by fans of the series. (I liked it though.)
Edit: Big cheers for Cendoo who sent this game to ACWAC Studios. :)

Review was recorded live: Feb 20th 2011. Full audio can be found on catcast 35.

The Beast Bar Episode 1

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Mondo Cool PSA : The real mans way

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PCDX Gameplay Series : Guilty Gear X2 Reloaded (PC)

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This series isn't going to be like the others. It's more of a bunch of montage videos of varies moves and stuff.

Also, this one will most likely be updated slower than the other games in the gameplay series.

Destroyer montage added: April 12th 2011

^Destroyer Montage

Venture Bros borrows from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

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Classify this under old but I just now connected these dots.  I just finished up the game SW: Knights of the Old Republic and it was one hell of a ride.  After taking a year or more off after getting halfway through the game I saw the main villain Lord Malak again and he reminded me of someone.  Baron Underbheit from the Venture Bros!  You have to admit this is a little much to just be a coincidence.  Especially when you take a look at this second picture.

Pussy TV #12 : Sega Ages: Monaco GP (PS2)

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On this episode. Kaiser looks at a remake of an sega arcade racing classic.

Anime on Netflix Instant Streaming

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Recently, people have been gravitating towards the instant streaming feature that Netflix has. Whether it's on the PC, PS3, Wii or 360, plenty of people have been enjoying awesome flicks like Die Hard, Yojimbo and Demolition man whenever they want.

Kaiser Konvention 3 : Tell me how my ass taste sega?

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Episode 3 of Kaiser Konvention recorded live on Ustream April 2nd 2011. (Recorded 1 hour before this article.)

Note: The line tell me how my ass taste sega does not appear in any way or form in this episode. But I do bag sega out alittle.