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Posted by Shintai On Sunday, April 3, 2011 3 comments

Recently, people have been gravitating towards the instant streaming feature that Netflix has. Whether it's on the PC, PS3, Wii or 360, plenty of people have been enjoying awesome flicks like Die Hard, Yojimbo and Demolition man whenever they want.

However, recently there has also been a great surge of good anime being released on the instant streaming service provided by Netflix. Now I cant say I've seen every anime that the instant service has available such as Kaze No Stigma, D. Gray Man, and a few others, of the ones I have seen, I intend to steer you guys in the right way of what anime you should be checking out.

Now, let's say you want to see an anime movie, you're not wanting anything that's too much of a time commitment, totally understandable.

If you're interested in something really gory, look no further than Ninja Scroll, a classic anime with over the top action. It's an oldie but a goodie, this anime flick is not for kids, tons of blood, gore and titties.

I've already done a full review of these movies, but Karas: The Prophecy and Karas: The Revelation, are also must watches for anyone into the action genre.

If you want something more sci-fi, the original Ghost in the Shell movie is also absolutely brilliant. Like Ninja Scroll, it has tons of blood, gore, and titties, so keep the kids away. Now, I am not a fan of the series, but I seem to be the minority in this opinion, the series is also available on instant.

Now that's alot of macho stuff, what if you want something a little more kiddy? Miyazaki's Ponyo is available. Honestly, it's not my favorite Miyazaki movie, as I think How's Moving Castle, Kiki's Delivery Service and a few others are better films, Ponyo is still a cute movie for the family to enjoy.

Getting away from movies, let's say you want a slice of life type show, something that will make you laugh and cry. Clannad is great choice, and also a good choice for introducing any lady friends to anime because of how accessible it is. Careful, this anime might make you cry. (24 Episodes)

P.S. There is a season 2, but its not on instant

This next anime, is a classic. For those who have seen Rouroni Kenshin, this is a cowboy version of it.... kind of. Only with the main character really, other than that the series are nothing alike, and it really isn't just about cowboys. The plot is deep, but is actually pretty light hearted most of the time. (26 Episodes)

Something a little more recent, would be the Full Metal Alchemist series. This series has gotten confusing lately because there are now two series. I am going to straighten this shit out now. The first half of the original series is based on the manga, however since the manga had not finished, the anime separated it's story and the writers took their own liberties to make their own story with the characters. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an almost completely faithful anime recreation of the manga, however the first 6 or so episodes are rushed in order to not retread the same ground the original series did. Now, the original series, despite taken liberties with the story IS STILL GOOD. Don't dismiss just because it's not same as the source material. Not only that but the first part of the anime is much better explained in the original as opposed to Brotherhood, in this way the two series complement each other pretty well. In case you haven't noticed Full Metal Alchemist is very highly recommended. The original series is 51 episodes. Now, Brotherhood is also on instant, but it's incomplete, the series isn't fully available on instant, but a good chunk of it is. I am sure by the time you're done with the original series more of Brotherhood would have been made available. Another thing to note is that the Conqueror of Shambala, the movie that is a sequel to the original series is NOT on instant. (original 51 episodes, Brotherhood 64)

This next anime is one that is oozes with cool. Baccano is very unique as it takes place in the 1930's which is something most anime don't do, and it tells the story of multiple people that are mostly all on the same train, the pussyfoot. This anime has a great sense of style and is one of the better new anime to come out. (16 Episodes)

Finally, the last series I am going to talk about is X. This is simply another great anime with intriguing characters and fantastic action scenes. The story is a bit complex, but it definitely keeps you interested. It has to do with the end of the world and these people with supernatural powers trying to save it, however it's all up to the main character what happens in the end. (24 episodes)

There are plenty more anime I could have spoken about, and there are still more I need to see, but I hope those wanted to get a good introduction to anime, or just wanted to check out some good anime available through the instant service on netflix found a few they either never heard of, or were on the fence about.

This has been Shintai everyone, take care.


after3 said...

Ive seen most of those. a3

Anonymous said...

A few months ago, Netflix had 9 full pages of Anime for instant streaming. Now they have 2. Netflix really needs some competition, the more powerful its monopoly becomes, the more dreadful the service will be.

Anonymous said...

I have seen all of those lol

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