Wooo! I beat Zelda II! And I started recording right before my second attempt at taking on Shadow Link and I totally wooped his ass. He's way fucking easier than Thunderbird. Thunderbird was a fucking bitch.

I'm going to review this game on my youtube channel. It's pretty awesome going through the game a second time with all your stats maxed out and all the spells. I'll have a blast going through this a second time.

So I'm playing Zelda II, getting my ass kicked all the way to the final Palace. I manage just barely to get to it for the first time ever. I carefully make my way in and down the first elevator. I've got one squar of health left and two squares of magic. I cast my shield spell and cautiously proceed to the left. There's some for of bird faced dude shooting fire. I back off to plot my course of action carefully. My phone lights up, got a text from my hot babe girlfriend. I pause my game and answer the text. I pick my controller back up and the game freezes. The music is glitched and the screen has gone black. FUCK!

What the hell!? The game just doesn't want me to see the inside of this final palace. I'm going to keep playing and beasting my skills up. After a few days of playing the shit out of this game I'll be as good as I was when I first played up to this point. Have to get back into monster slaying mode.

But since that happened a few minutes ago I made it back to the final palace but this time I had two blocks of health and just a little bit less than one block of magic. I couldn't cast shield, fuck! So I figure why not take a crack at this fire breathing bird headed dude. Got my ass killed. I got in a few good stabs, probably would have kicked his ass if I had just a tiny bit more magic to be able to cast shield. Oh well. I'll keep at it till I fuck this Palace up.

Today I'm going to spend some serious time trying to finish Zelda II. Last time I tried I came close to making it to the final palace. It's a bitch navigating those caves. I don't know the enemies names but those flying blue eye ball things are real motherfuckers. I will beat this game damn it!

I don't know if I posted this on here before or not but I was looking through reviews I've left on Amazon and found this one for Tiny Tank. So I'm just going to copy and paste that review over here on my game blog.

"Years ago in High School I had a massive migraine headache that lasted for five days. I stayed home from school and ended up going to the emergency room. But in those five days I had the chance to play the hell out of this game. The concept is a lot like the Terminator and the Matrix. It's a distopian future wasteland where the machines have taken over the world, humans have retreated underground and there's very little atmosphere left on the surface to support human life.

Through cut scenes the story is told in the form of outtakes of commercials. Some time in the 2000's a law was passed to make hyper intelligent computer controlled weapons. They made a cute mascot Tank for various TV spots with a silly charming child like wit to help sell the killing machines to the public. This Mascont was Tiny Tank. He saw how ridiculous it was that he was cute as hell but still had an 8mm canon for a nose and is a highly lethal killing machine.

The enemy mutank leads the machines for a hundred years until a lone satelite in space is reactivated and reactivates Tiny Tank to save humanity and reclaim the surface world. Each stage comes with another out take from the commercial spots, filled with funny little one liners providing the back story leading the the machines uprising.

At the beginning of each stage you get a briefing from the satellite and Tiny Tank desceneds from the sky on a little rocket platform. The game is a little bit like Mega Man, the weapons of the enemies can be claimed after defeating them, you gain power ups and can customise your weapons by alocating more or less energy to them, you can spawn little mini tanks that'll follow you around and gather power ups. You can take weapons from the bosses as well. The first Boss is a giant robot with a cowboy hat which can be claimed after defeating him. Which you will keep until you die. During Missions there's a talk radio call in show lead by the super computer villain and other machines and call in talking about your progress through the game...much like what happens in the GTA series with the radio news updates.

This is a hell of a good game and it's going for a little less than $5 now on Amazon...you should definitely pick up a copy."

Bought some games from a friend. Picked up Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero for the Gamecube as well as Bat Man for the NES. Also got one of those third party SNES controllers which is probably destined for ebay. Also in the mail I got Dragon Ball Season one box set and Last battle for the Sega Genesis. Awesome.

I'm excited to be collecting the Dragon Ball DVDs. It's been years since I've seen Dragon Ball. Cartoon Network played the fucking shit out of Dragon Ball Z but I'm more of a fan of the early parts of the series. Z got way to repetative.

Also I think it's awesome that my Desert Bus review has been getting so many views. I'm sure it's because its release coincided with the www.Desertbus.org annual charity event. Which is pretty fun to watch. I even donated them a few bucks. It wasn't much but I hope it helps and also wanted to do my part to torture those guys with more Desert Bus play time.

I've got a plan to get subscribers. I'm going to make a video announcing my plan then have interested subscribers and youtube friends of mine also make videos about this to spread the word. For every new subscriber I get I will drive 1 mile in Desert Bus! So from when I make the announcement to when I plan on streaming the live event I'll count up the subs I've gathered. It'll be awesome! I hope! I hope people will want to torture me with 100's of Desert Bus miles. I hope my newest plot to get subs works out.

Holy shit. I downloaded Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors for the Sega CD. This game is epic, it's the most amazing video game ever. Mostly because of Desert Bus Driver, but also the side scrolling game Smoke and Mirrors is pretty creative too. The sound track to Smoke and Mirrors reminds me of the sound track to Leathal Weapon.

I've only messed around with it a little bit. I'll be making a video about Desert Bus Driver and showing off what I think is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in a video game.

First awesome thing I noticed today, this blog finally has a follower! Woo!

Anyway, yesterday I got myself a copy of the Lost Vikings for the GBA. It's a perfect conversion from the SNES version of the game. The sound is all there and the controls aren't too gimped by missing two buttons. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the items in my inventory but once I got that down it was smooth sailing from there.

I'd be willing to go as far as say this is the best version I've played. It's got the ass kicking soundtrack of the SNES version but more importantly it's got a built in save feature. With many save slots. So I don't have to mess with any of the passwords. This is mostly a good thing but I am a little disappointed I can't go straight to the Egypt levels to dick around. I love those levels and I love the music even more.

I wish Lost Vikings 2 was ported to the GBA with a save feature. That'd be way awesome. I still need to finish Lost Vikings 2 on the SNES. I'm in the pirate levels and so far those stages have the best music in the game. Man, this series has the best game music I've ever heard. Everyone should play and beat these games just to experience the sound.

Lukemorse1 posted a video about the Japanese version of the Saturn Netlink today. I've been commenting like a son of a bitch on his video pimpin my Netlink series. I have a special fondness for my Netlink videos. They were my first game related videos that started getting a lot of views. Also I'm crazy about the Netlink and trying to spread the word to get people gaming on the Netlink. There's not many Sega Saturn games and of that tiny population even fewer know of the Netlink.

So anyway I've been commenting about the netlink and telling people about my videos on it and that I've got footage of an actual Netlink matches. So that's cool. So besides me championing the cause of the Sega Netlink I've also gotten 24 subscribers so far! Which is another one of my personal quests. I'm trying to get as many subs as I can. I wasn't very excited about my 150 mark but I've been looking forward to my 200 sub mark.

I've added a chat window to my personal site, but I can't upload it because my servers being a piece of shit right now. Some old crap I don't feel like talking about. If I wasn't about to pass out from being super tired I'd just upload my crap on my ISPs free hosting services and call it a day. But that'll have to wait tomorrow. Anyway I'm thinking for my 200 sub special I'll have a sweet LIVE CHAT session. I'm thinking out of 200 people maybe like 5 people will show up hahaha.