Bought some games from a friend. Picked up Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero for the Gamecube as well as Bat Man for the NES. Also got one of those third party SNES controllers which is probably destined for ebay. Also in the mail I got Dragon Ball Season one box set and Last battle for the Sega Genesis. Awesome.

I'm excited to be collecting the Dragon Ball DVDs. It's been years since I've seen Dragon Ball. Cartoon Network played the fucking shit out of Dragon Ball Z but I'm more of a fan of the early parts of the series. Z got way to repetative.

Also I think it's awesome that my Desert Bus review has been getting so many views. I'm sure it's because its release coincided with the annual charity event. Which is pretty fun to watch. I even donated them a few bucks. It wasn't much but I hope it helps and also wanted to do my part to torture those guys with more Desert Bus play time.


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