Lukemorse1 posted a video about the Japanese version of the Saturn Netlink today. I've been commenting like a son of a bitch on his video pimpin my Netlink series. I have a special fondness for my Netlink videos. They were my first game related videos that started getting a lot of views. Also I'm crazy about the Netlink and trying to spread the word to get people gaming on the Netlink. There's not many Sega Saturn games and of that tiny population even fewer know of the Netlink.

So anyway I've been commenting about the netlink and telling people about my videos on it and that I've got footage of an actual Netlink matches. So that's cool. So besides me championing the cause of the Sega Netlink I've also gotten 24 subscribers so far! Which is another one of my personal quests. I'm trying to get as many subs as I can. I wasn't very excited about my 150 mark but I've been looking forward to my 200 sub mark.

I've added a chat window to my personal site, but I can't upload it because my servers being a piece of shit right now. Some old crap I don't feel like talking about. If I wasn't about to pass out from being super tired I'd just upload my crap on my ISPs free hosting services and call it a day. But that'll have to wait tomorrow. Anyway I'm thinking for my 200 sub special I'll have a sweet LIVE CHAT session. I'm thinking out of 200 people maybe like 5 people will show up hahaha.


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