So I'm playing Zelda II, getting my ass kicked all the way to the final Palace. I manage just barely to get to it for the first time ever. I carefully make my way in and down the first elevator. I've got one squar of health left and two squares of magic. I cast my shield spell and cautiously proceed to the left. There's some for of bird faced dude shooting fire. I back off to plot my course of action carefully. My phone lights up, got a text from my hot babe girlfriend. I pause my game and answer the text. I pick my controller back up and the game freezes. The music is glitched and the screen has gone black. FUCK!

What the hell!? The game just doesn't want me to see the inside of this final palace. I'm going to keep playing and beasting my skills up. After a few days of playing the shit out of this game I'll be as good as I was when I first played up to this point. Have to get back into monster slaying mode.

But since that happened a few minutes ago I made it back to the final palace but this time I had two blocks of health and just a little bit less than one block of magic. I couldn't cast shield, fuck! So I figure why not take a crack at this fire breathing bird headed dude. Got my ass killed. I got in a few good stabs, probably would have kicked his ass if I had just a tiny bit more magic to be able to cast shield. Oh well. I'll keep at it till I fuck this Palace up.


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