I don't know if I posted this on here before or not but I was looking through reviews I've left on Amazon and found this one for Tiny Tank. So I'm just going to copy and paste that review over here on my game blog.

"Years ago in High School I had a massive migraine headache that lasted for five days. I stayed home from school and ended up going to the emergency room. But in those five days I had the chance to play the hell out of this game. The concept is a lot like the Terminator and the Matrix. It's a distopian future wasteland where the machines have taken over the world, humans have retreated underground and there's very little atmosphere left on the surface to support human life.

Through cut scenes the story is told in the form of outtakes of commercials. Some time in the 2000's a law was passed to make hyper intelligent computer controlled weapons. They made a cute mascot Tank for various TV spots with a silly charming child like wit to help sell the killing machines to the public. This Mascont was Tiny Tank. He saw how ridiculous it was that he was cute as hell but still had an 8mm canon for a nose and is a highly lethal killing machine.

The enemy mutank leads the machines for a hundred years until a lone satelite in space is reactivated and reactivates Tiny Tank to save humanity and reclaim the surface world. Each stage comes with another out take from the commercial spots, filled with funny little one liners providing the back story leading the the machines uprising.

At the beginning of each stage you get a briefing from the satellite and Tiny Tank desceneds from the sky on a little rocket platform. The game is a little bit like Mega Man, the weapons of the enemies can be claimed after defeating them, you gain power ups and can customise your weapons by alocating more or less energy to them, you can spawn little mini tanks that'll follow you around and gather power ups. You can take weapons from the bosses as well. The first Boss is a giant robot with a cowboy hat which can be claimed after defeating him. Which you will keep until you die. During Missions there's a talk radio call in show lead by the super computer villain and other machines and call in talking about your progress through the game...much like what happens in the GTA series with the radio news updates.

This is a hell of a good game and it's going for a little less than $5 now on Amazon...you should definitely pick up a copy."


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