Capture card was a piece of garbage and doesn't work. Like at all. Sending it back tomorrow. I'll just save up and go to Wal Mart and buy a DVD recorder. I've got a shit ton of DVDs lying around anyway just aching to be used for recording sweet video game footage.

The copy of Virtual On that I won on ebay was infact listed correctly. That word "playstation" in the auction really made me nervous about bidding on it and probably scared off a lot of other people too. But I ended up getting a shrink wrapped copy for $3.95 including shipping! When I took it out of the shrink wrap it even smelled like 1997 Sega vintage.

Also I got my copy of Saturn Bomberman. The disc is being a little fussy. Not 100% positive if I'm going to try resurfacing the disc. The dude that sent it to me sent it before I could pay him, which is incredibly cool. Next payday I'll send him his cash. The game has trouble booting every now and then. The last few times its started without a problem so I might hold off on that resurfacing as long as it's not acting up.

That brings me up to three out of five Sega Netlink games. The other two are racing games and I'm really not interested. If I saw them in the wild for really cheap I'd snag them up just to have and play online with a few times but I just really don't care for racing games at all. Now I'm just waiting on Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2 to come in the mail from another member of the Saturn League. What a cool Saturn community it is!


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