Is it weird that I love the smell of a freshly opened game? Man cutting open the shrinky dink and inhaling that game factory air is amazing every time. I just opened my copy of Star Ocean: First Departue. I can't wait to play this game. I'm watching the intro scene as I type this. Star Ocean 2 Second Story is my favourite PS1 RPG. I loved that game. I might pick up the PSP version of that too. I think I'm going to try and buy more PSP games. I want to support the UMD.

While I think the PSP GO looks good, a very sexy slim stylish piece of hardware, I don't support digital Distrobution. It does everything my psp 1000 does...but worse. It doesn't have improved battery life? It has a smaller screen? It won't play the 15 UMD games I've bought for it? What good is it then? I can use my psp 1000 to download everything it can least that's the theory going around the internets.

Anyway what else have I gotten recently. Yesterday in the mail I got my commodore 64. Neat! test it out and it works fine. Ordered a cart to test it with. Waiting on the Jaguar still, the N Gage isn't coming and I've gotten a refund, I've won a copy of Splatterhouse for $10.50, Silent Hill Origins is on its way, bought another ps1 memory card, bought a Gamecube broadband adapter....hmmm I know there's a ton more. OH! Have a Wonderswan color and wonderswan wrasslin game coming.

For the Metal Gear collection I ordered a MGS1 guide book. I don't know...some guy on youtube got me geeked for guide books. He had a bad ass MGS3 hardcover guide that just looked so fucking cool. I wish I was on top of that shit when the game came out. Fuck. I think I need to get the word of my gaming blog out there. Shit I need to make more youtube vids. I think I'll just do it my own way of minimal to no editing. Just record ten minutes of me dicking around in a game then add a voice over. I still want to do my Lost Vikings, Vigilante 8 comparison vids but I'm so terrible at editing. The shits too time consuming for my ass.

Oh well I'm going to play this Star Ocean game, watch some Dragon Ball Z and go to bed. Tomorrow I'm hanging out with my Mom haha. We're going to pawn shops and antique stores. Hopefully I find some bad ass game stuff. That's my secret double purpose.


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