DVD Review: Kill la Kill Volume 4 (2014)

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Kill la Kill Volume Four is the second last volume of the epic saga of Ryuko and her journey to avenge her father. In this volume we have our heroes, the ruthless Satsuki, and the Elite Four, still in a huge battle with the entire region of Osaka due to Satsuki declaring war on them.  Ryoko is still trying to find to all of the pieces to her loyal friend and battle suit, Senketsu the Kamui, but is having a hard time trying to do so.  Satsuki and the Elite Four are still dominating as they are more than a match for anyone in the Osaka region. It doesn't take long until we see the naked freedom fighters from a group called Nudist Beach come out to join the battle because the Elite Four are getting way to close to finding out where their secret base is hidden. That's not all that happens in this volume, there will be even more game changing deep secrets revealed in this volume and it will just blow your minds. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

The story in this volume is pretty good and is still finding ways to keep re-inventing itself and keep the story fresh. The plot just keeps on getting thicker, thicker, and thicker and is getting really intense and quite impressive. A thing I really love about the writing in this show is that you do get good explanations for every thing that happens, no matter how crazy it gets as you will be told the reason for why it all happens and  it helps to make the story very tight and satisfying.

This show uses a mixture of goofball comedy and fast-paced, high impact action and finds a way to make both styles blend in together like an award winning peanut butter and jelly/jam sandwich. The mixture will make you both take this show seriously and not at the same time as it is all balanced out really well to where the show knew what it wanted to be.  This show also manages to blow your mind with nearly every episode (up to this point at least) and that leaves you in a state where you'll won't know what to expect with this show, in a good way that is as the unpredictable nature is very fun.

I liked the recap/clip episode, it gave you the story of what previously happened and in a very clear manor, all in one single five minute segment. I liked how it gave you all the killer clips and none of the filler that no one cares about.  I also liked how the clip show also took the piss out of clip shows in general as they can be a real drag, especially in anime and family sitcoms. Comedy in this show as a whole is not only very goofball, it is also very crude to where you'll see a lot jokes that has all to do with the human body, so that'll turn a lot of people off... But not me, I found that type of humor to be funny. This show does have some innocent humor and I found those gags to be just as funny as the dirty ones.

The action in this show is very exciting, ultra insane, pretty violent, and  very damn entertaining overall. The fights are all very fast paced but also have a lot of thought put into them, that gives them a feeling of originality to them and they weren't full of clichés. This volume is also the darkest that the series has gotten and the dark themes can also be impactful but the R18+ rating this volume got is a bit overkill, this volume could've easily been given an MA15+ rating instead, a hard MA15+ rating at that.

Artwork in this show looks very good, it has a crazy style that matches with the chaos, also it has an old retro look to it at the same time just like that from the 1980's but with a clean modern touch. Character designs range from very skimpy up to very cleanly dressed and they were all very memorable due to the provocative look to them, plus they are good designs in general. A lot of crazy stuff happens in this volume, so the animation quality is not as good as what I'd like it to be as it is not as fluid and looks like some corners were cut. I wouldn't dare say that the animation is terrible as it is far from it but it still could've been a little bit better.

The Japanese dub in this volume is very good as all of the voices sounded good and do stick out.  The acting was also really good and well produced, I dare say (for the fourth time) that the Japanese dub is very memorable. Just a refresher, this series does include an English dub as well but from what I heard of it, I do not, I repeat, I do not recommend it as it doesn't produce the same oomph as the Japanese dub does, like the animated series, Amnesia (2013) (a show I also recommend). The soundtrack does sound very nice but there are no tracks that stick out and that upsets me as everything else this show offers does stick out.

Just like the prior volumes, you get a very small selection of special features that includes the text-less opening and closing credits, plus web versions of the episode previews. The text-less credits are much different than in the prior volumes as the show has a major change of credit designs for the final bunch of episodes. The opening credits had some very calming music and some visuals of the characters changing costumes and it was okay but it does spoil some things if you pay attention to what is going on. The closing credits were a lot more fun as it had nice music with visuals of Mako (Ryuko's best friend) in a world that looks like it was taken from a mind of a child and that made perfect sense with that character. The web versions of the previews weren't very interesting at all but it was nice to see that they did include an alternative cut of the episode previews.

Overall, I am shocked to see that this show is still going strong and without any weakness to it. If you enjoyed the other volumes, you'll enjoy this as much as the rest of them and if you haven't got any other of the volumes yet, get them, watch them, love them. Great volume.

Title: Kill la Kill Volume 4
Animation/Production Studio: Trigger
Genre: Animation/Anime, Action, Comedy, Drama, Avant-garde, New Wave
Running Time: 120 minutes (5 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Rating: R18+ (High impact sexual violence)
Price: $29.95
Recommended: Yes


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