PC Game Review: Supreme League of Patriots Issue 1: A Patriot is Born (2015)

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Supreme League of Patriots Issue One is an comedic point and click adventure game about two guys, Kyle and Mel.  Kyle is just an average bloke that works at a police station as a janitor, while Mel is his sarcastic best friend that works as a surveillance/tech-guy at the very same police station.  Kyle is sick of his average life and thinks he is good enough to become a superhero.  Kyle is also lucky enough to be invited onto a television talent show to where he can show off his talents and become an official hero. Sadly, there are a few problems with Kyle becoming a superhero. The first is that his costume got stuck in the hot wash, so his costume is now purple instead of being red, white, and blue. Secondly, Kyle isn't a very talented person, his main skills include eating pizza and watching Swiss porn. Yep, it is going to take a miracle for Kyle to succeed in becoming a superhero. (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

The story in this game is a basic comedic superhero parody that's also an pop-culture reference orgy as there's a lot of pop-culture references in this game. The premise of a superhero going to an X-Factor like talent show in order to be inducted into a supergroup is funny in its own right and it is a very brilliant concept that's full of character and charm. This game is very heavy on the comedy and it was done really well and I found myself laughing at a lot at what went down in this game. This game has several types of comedy that includes: Slapstick, political satire, the sarcastic kind of comedy to which I can't name the genre of, and gross out comedy.

This game does have drama but it isn't very serious but that's not a problem as it was done right to where it'll draw into the story and characters. This game has a lot of pop-culture references to other comic books, cartoons, comic book creators, and even comedians. Normally I'm not too fond of this type of style as when other places normally do non-stop references, it comes off as being forced and faked, however, this game uses the references in a very natural way and doesn't come off as forced at all.

The story in this game isn't very deep and is a tad bit on the shallow end and it would've been nice to know more about what goes on in this comic book universe. The characters in this game are really down to Earth despite a good chunk of the characters having superpowers. I really liked that the characters were down to Earth as they come off as characters you can relate to and that will help to make the characters make you feel warm inside. The characters are extremely likable even though the main characters can be huge d*cks at times but that just adds more charm as it feels like hanging around with your friends. The reaction between all of the characters feel very natural and add on to the down to Earth nature of them.

The gameplay is very simple and straight to the point as all you do is to click to where you want to go, click to what you want to interact with, and click on dialogue options to interact with the other characters.  The inventory system is slightly more complicated than the rest of the options, even so, it is a pretty simple system as once you've found an item to use, you can use it by moving the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen to where you'll find your utility belt.  The way you have to use the items to interact with everything is by going down to your utility belt, click on arrows until the item you want to use is in the buckle of the belt.  You'll also have to combine some items and to do so you must open up the full inventory menu and not the belt, once you've done that you can just click on an item and drag it onto another item.  Not every item will combine (naturally) but don't let that bother you, try combining everything until you've found the right combination.  I don't recommend playing this game in windowed mode as the utility belt is near impossible to use while the game is that way.

This game isn't very complicated with the gameplay as all you do is talk to people and solve short and simple puzzles and it does come off as very shallow.  Just because the gameplay is shallow, doesn't mean that it is terrible as it is effective but it would've been nice to get some more challenging puzzles.  Some of the puzzles did also seem a bit weird to me but it just turned out that I just did some things in the wrong order and it is nice to see that doing some things in the wrong order won't break your game.  I did like that this game came with a tutorial level as it does a decent job at describing the game's mechanics.

Some scenes will also play out differently depending on the options you pick and it will require you to play the game more than once for if you want to see the alternate versions of those scenes.  This game is really short and you'll be able to do your first run in around two hours, even less so on repeated plays.  The variants of the scenes aren't all that much different, so you don't need to rush to go see them unless you want to get all of the achievements.  You won't be bothered about the length of this game as it is quite satisfactory and feels just like finishing an episode of a television program and that's appropriate as this is a multiple episode game.

The graphics in this game are blocky and everyone looks like that they were chiseled out of slabs of stone.  This style looks to be done on purpose to make fun of comic book characters and how they all look like they were chiseled out of stone.  The blocky look worked well for some characters but it did also look a little cheap and some characters did look a little off-putting due to the cheap look.  This game is also full of color and I like to see a superhero game that has color in it as the dull grey look of the darker comics can get a bit...  Well...  Dull.  It is nice to have a game like this as the coloring makes for a good refresher for if you want to take a break from that bleak stuff (not saying that dark comics are bad, just saying that I like something more vibrant looking every now and then).  The backgrounds and sets are very cheap looking and only a few of them stick out.

Animation in this game is cheap looking but it is effective and serves its purpose and it won't bother you.  The voice acting in this game is really good, it is full of charm and character that make the characters come alive.  The only downside about the voice acting is that some of the lines do sound forced and those very few forced lines were a bit awkward to listen to.  Music in this game is barely memorable and only a very few select tracks stick out in mind but those few tracks were okay and did an okay job at setting the mood.  Yep, while the music isn't all that memorable, the voice acting does a great job at covering up a lot of the cheapness to the look and sound of the game.

Overall, this game looks cheap but the story and acting in this game is what makes this game worth playing through.  This episode is defiantly worth your time...  But what about the second episode?  Will the second part improve on the story?  Will the second part improve on the looks?  Will my review of the game be near identical to this one?  Am I secretly wearing women's undergarments?  Why am I reusing the same gag from my Godzilla review week and/or the Lone Wolf and Cub review week? What ever happened to Godzilla Week this year?  Most of those questions will be answered in the next review of SUPREME LEAGUE OF PATRIOTS!  So tune in at the same mondo time, the same mondo channel. 

Game: Supreme League of Patriots Issue 1: A Patriot if Born
System: PC (Reviewing Steam version)
Developer: No Bull Intentions
Publisher: Phoenix Online Publishing
Genre: Point 'n Click, Comedy
Price: $5.99 (by itself)/ $14.99 (as part of complete collection)
Recommended: Yes


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