PC Game Review: Deadly Sin (2015)

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Deadly Sin is a role playing game about a young adult woman named Lorelai.  Lorelai is a bit upset as her teacher, Winchester, suddenly goes missing and leaves Lorelai with some very important letters. Yep, you guessed it, Lorelai has to deliver those letters and she must deliver them to the King (a-huh huh).  Lorelai heads on her way to see the King but is attacked by some thugs, only to have her friend, Glade join in to help her beat them and then join her on the quest.  The group makes it to the King's castle and is surprised to see that the King has gone missing, so she talks to the kings eldest daughter, Dori instead. It turns out that the letters say that Lorelai is the key to saving the land as she is actually a special type of person called a Dragonborn. Our heroes are also on a mission to stop the Empress of the kingdom as she is actually an evil demon that is out to take over everything. Can Lorelai become strong, find Winchester, and put a stop to the great evil? (Click on "Read More" to read the full review).

The story in this game is very generic and doesn't offer anything new or original as it is the same kind of story that we've seen in a lot of other role playing games.  Now, now, now, just because it is generic it doesn't mean that I disliked the story, I found it to be amusing and entertaining due to the charming characters and the smooth progression.  I also like that the story cuts to the chase due to the lack of filler, the reason why the story is fillerless is due to there not being any side quests.  Yep, this game has no side quests and therefor the game and story are very linear but you'll oddly like this RPG for that reason, there won't be anything distracting you from completing your quest.  This is yet one of many role playing games that was made using the RPG Maker engine and that can will turn some people off due to the absurd amount of badly done RPG Maker games on the PC gaming market.

Gameplay in this game is a bit more than just walking, collecting items, and battling creatures as this game has scenes that will require you to play mini-games, doing so will reward you generously.  Sadly, I wasn't able to complete any of the mini-games and get the good rewards as the mini-games are quite difficult and are also very tedious.  The things the mini-games will have you doing in this game is: Talking your way into getting a certain character to trust you, and sneak around without any guards spotting you.  I wasn't a fan of the mini-games, they weren't very fun to do, they were very frustrating due to the brutal difficulty and they also felt very forced upon you.

The item system in this game is very straight forward, the weapon and armor system is also just as simple as the stats of the weapons and armor are written quite clearly, so it is easy to understand on which equipment is good or not.  Other than buying weapons and armor, I barely bought anything from the store as you can easily find all of the useful items in very easy to find chests, thus you can save your money for weapons and armor.  You can also find certain collectables that you can sell and these items will give you some mad cash, so money isn't an issue in this game.

Other than the standard attacking and defending, the battle system is quite interesting as some of the characters have their own unique MP (magic point) system that all work in different ways.  Lorelai, Winchester, and Belinda (a character that joins the party later in the game) use the traditional magic point system, you can use a certain spell depending on how many points you have.  All of your used points can be recovered but you'll need the help of magic potions for if you want to do so.

Glade uses an energy point system to where you run on adrenaline instead of magic.  The way it works is that you will start out with a set amount of points and you can spend them on special attacks.  Sure, it sounds like the same as the magic system but the difference is that you will gain all your energy points naturally by resting your character, so you don't need to use magic potions to recover energy points.  Dori uses a weird system to where she starts off with zero points and slowly gains them during the battle, there's a reason for that too, she has incredibly powerful special attacks and is very satisfying to use once you know how to use her.

The mixture of the different styles help make the battle system feel fresh and fun and is one of the very rare few things about this game that doesn't feel generic.  Learning strategies will all of the styles is fun and challenging as all of the enemies and bosses have their own unique strategy to defeating them effectively, so you'll have to experiment quite a bit to find the best way to take advantage of an enemy.  Your characters stats will level up by just beating up enemies as you'd normally do in an RPG, you will also earn special points from finding magic crystals on most maps, which you can spend on learning and upgrading spells and abilities.  The downside to finding these crystals is that they turn off the monster battles in those areas, so just be careful as you might need spots to grind for XP.

Not going to lie, leveling up your stats via the normal means didn't feel very effective, you will not notice any much of a difference with your character each time they leveled up.  Leveling up your spells and abilities via the skill tree is the more effective way to leveling up your character as you will notice your attacks becoming stronger by doing this.  The downside to the skill tree is that it can be quite rough to use and it will take you some time to get the hang of it.

Trying to beat this game will require quite a bit of skill due to it being incredibly hard to beat. The reason why it is very hard to beat is due to the final bosses, they are incredibly overpowered and will make you scream in utter frustration. This extreme difficulty will drive most players to quit the game and never return, that's a shame as you'll be so far into the game at that point. Everything leading up to the final few battles is on the moderate side of difficulty and won't require that much skill to get through, the only thing you'll have to worry about is keeping your characters health in check. 

People that grew up with role playing games from the 1990's will find a sense of nostalgic warmness and be reminded of playing RPGs on your playstation back in 1995/1996.  The reason why you'll feel like that is due to the 32-bit look of the game's graphics and it does look like a game that'd be welcomed on the Playstaion and the Nintendo DS.  Sadly, the graphics also do suffer from looking generic, so while you'll feel nostalgic, the generic graphics are also quite forgettable.

The characters battle sprite shows the characters in a more detailed view as opposed to their shorter/stubby map sprites. Some of the characters look good and have some really awesome costumes but the female characters look a little weird due to having interestingly designed buttock's. Yes, the females have bubble butts and it takes away some of the serious nature of Lorelai and Dori, oddly enough I have no problem with Belinda as you can barley notice due to her awesome costume obscuring her butt. I am mixed on the designs for the original designed monsters in this game as half of them were very generic to the point of being boring, the other half were really cool due to not only having a good design but they were also really huge and that added a threatening nature to them and they should be threatening as they are an evil threat after all.

The scenery in this game is a bit on the lazy side due to all of it being made with the basic set of stock graphics that came with the RPG Maker engine. Normally this would bother me but in this case I was happily surprised due to the stock graphics being used really well, especially with dungeon design. They designed the dungeons so well that you wouldn't notice that they were made with the stock set with exception of the plant dungeon, no matter how devs use that graphic set, it always looks cheap and stock in design. The map designs in this game have a Final Fantasy (1987) feeling to them and it makes me feel very warm and fuzzy on the inside.

The soundtrack in this game is original and it goes well with what's happening with the game and it also puts you into a mood where you'll want to save the world from evil.  I wouldn't say that any of the tracks stuck out as they sound very generic but it doesn't sound terrible either (generic but not bad seems to be a huge theme to this review).  The sound effects in this game are even more generic than the soundtrack but unlike everything else in this game, you won't even bother to pay attention to the sound effects.

Overall, this is a very generic role playing game but that doesn't mean that it was a bad game as it was fun to play.  This isn't a game that you must play before you die and some gamers will find this to be hit or miss.  Thankfully, I was on the side that did enjoy it and I recommend playing it, at least get it cheap for if you are still unsure  Generic but fun.

Game: Deadly Sin
System: PC
Developer: Dancing Dragon Games
Publisher: Degica
Genre: Role Playing Game, Fantasy
Price: $9.99 (Steam)
Recommended: Yes


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