DVD Review: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season Two (2011 - 2012)

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season Two is the next installment of the animated show about a group of little ponies and their huge adventures (check out my review of the first season if you haven't yet). This season opens up with a bit of chaos as a mischievous villain from the past makes his return to Ponyville (and debut to the series), this villain is named Discord, a creature that is made up of parts from multiple creatures. Our heroes must put a stop to him but Discord isn't going to go down easy as he has stolen and hidden all of our heroes Elements of Harmony (powerful magical items), then puts our heroes on a quest to find them. Why did Discord put our heroes on such a crazy task? He was just simply looking to be entertained is all. That's not all you'll see in this season as you'll also see: Twilight Sparkle trying to prevent a dark future from happening after she was visited from herself from the future.  Applejack trying to keep her farm in business after new competition comes to town.  The Cutie Mark Crusaders still trying to get their cutie marks and also trying to get their teacher a nice boyfriend.  Spike the Dragon trying to live life with other dragons.  And much, much more. (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

This storytelling in this show is episodic, so don't go around expecting any continuous storyline to occur, but this is a show that doesn't need one and being episodic is part of the fun. As far as stories go, I wasn't all that impressed with the season opener as the story was bland and cheap although it did have a very interesting concept but it was executed in a very poor and uninteresting way. The storytelling did improve with the next few episodes after that but I found the endings of those said episodes to be a little cheap as no matter how bad the situation got, the characters just seemed to wave it off and there were no consequences to any wrong that was done, thus sends a bit of a bad message. I am not saying that those episodes were bad as they were quite good but could've been a bit tighter in the writing.

When you hit disc two, the stories become much more tighter and much better and most of them were very charming, funny, and fun. There were some episodes that were a bit too childish for me but I really can't fault that as those said episodes were aimed at a much younger audience. Most of the episodes actually appeal to the whole family including all the young, old, middle aged, females, and even males as there is something in this show to be found for everyone. This season also has some very neat little easter eggs found in the gags and backgrounds and it was nice to spot most of them but there were some that tried way to hard to become internet memes (what is this? 2006 or something).

This show covers a few genres such as mystery, action, romance, and even horror but you'll only see that in a select few episodes as this show mainly focuses on drama and comedy. The drama and comedy were done well as the drama was interesting and the comedy was funny and it does help make this show very entertaining. The horror element is for the Halloween themed episode and it was fun to see but don't go in expecting anything that will scare the pants off of you as this show is aimed for kids after all. The action scenes were very fun and exciting to watch.  The romance was better than I was expecting and did make for some very entertaining and funny moments. I didn't care too much for the mystery themed episode as there wasn't much going on and just felt like it was thrown in there for filler to help make the season make the twenty-six episode mark... Actually this season has a few episodes that felt exactly like that.

I did enjoy a lot of the characters in this show as they had a lot of charm and personality and were all different and unique in their very own ways and that just added to the enjoyment. I didn't like some of the minor characters like Discord (I'm going to get beaten up for that) and some of the dragons from the episode where Spike moves out to be with his own kind. The reason why is quite simple as I found them to be very flat and very uninteresting characters but I do not see myself hating those characters forever as they have potential to redeem themselves in future episodes (you'll find out soon with my review of season three). One thing I really loved about the characters that I did enjoy is that they aren't just limited to a certain age, they have characters/ponies of all ages and it is very nice to see as it helps to expand on the universe of My Little Pony.

Artwork has a pretty simple design, while simple, it is also pretty good looking as it is full of lovely colors, lively backgrounds, and is also very crisp and clean looking. The animation looks like that it was done by flash and so it is not the greatest in terms of animations, it looks like cardboard puppets are moving in some parts of the show. The animation is far from being unbearable as it is very passable although you will not care for the animation as you'll be too focused on the story and gags rather than how they were animated.

The voice acting in this show is very well done as it not only sounded nice but the voices suited the characters incredibly well. You won't see any academy award winning acting but the acting you do get in this show is very good and helps add to the characters (as you'd expect with acting). The music in this show goes with everything well and did sound nice.. This show is full of musical moments where the characters will burst into song and I didn't find the musical scenes to be as strong as what they were in the first season as most of them were missing a little something. The one song I did enjoy was the song that the Flim Flam Brothers sang on the episode, "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000", it was a fun little diddy but it does weird me out as I never knew how much of a drinking problem that the citizens of Ponyville have.

Overall, this was a very solid season as it had some very good and very entertaining episodes that everyone can enjoy. Do not let the girly nature or overly annoying male fanbase (yeah, I said it) annoy you as this is a show that is worth checking out. Solid season.

Title: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season Two
Animation Studio: Studio B Productions, Hasbro Studios
Genre: Animation/Cartoons, Family, Comedy, Action
Running Time: 572 minutes (26 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Rating: G (Some scary scenes)
Price: $39.95
Recommended: Yes


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