I made a sweet video about my Pioneer Laseravtive. You should hop on over to my youtube page and check it out. Yesterday in the mail I got ahold of Star Trek Starfleet Academy for the Sega 32X. I loved the SNES version so will I love this version? Well I got in about 10 minutes of play time while my girlfriend was running to the store so I could at least get a feel for the graphical upgrade.

The 32X version looks WAY better. The SNES version all the ships are gray polygons and pretty bland. In the 32X version there's some actual details and a few colors. The Klingon Bird of Prey and Batle Cruisers are actually green! In the battle practice mode I dicked around in I couldn't figure out how to activate the cloaking device on the Bird of Prey so I'll need to pull up a FAQ and look for the controlls.

My first impression based on that short ten minutes of gameplay were actually really good. The combat controls were really smooth, the graphics and sound were great. I look forward to simulating some Starfleet Academy!


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