Birthday Acquisitions: 2013

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Sunday, February 3, 2013 2 comments

Once upon a time I told my good friend Arthur about this bad ass arcade in Cincinnati  Eventually he would go on to check it out.  During a text conversation I mentioned that place was awesome because they had Super Famicom games and that you don't run into many import games in the least not this far inland.  Being the super rad cool dude Arthur is he picked up a few random Famicom games as a slightly late birthday present.  This gives me an excuse to buy a Famicom (we all know I need more shit piled up) which I had been thinking of buying anyway.

When I got home I got to google image searching the games and figuring out exactly what it was I had just been gifted. Check out my awesome new Famicom collection after the jump.

Obake No Q-Tarou: Wanwan Panic AKA Chubby Cherub
Game play from the Japanese version
The game was released in the US as Chubby Cherub.

Konamik Sports in Seoul
Once upon a time the Olympics were in Seol korea.  This is a video game about it.  Couldn't find any game play on youtube.  Also couldn't find much by googling.  Google translate can only do so much!
Was watching THIS video when I noticed it looked a lot like this game.  Lo and behold Konamik Sports in Seoul is none other than Track and Field II.  Pretty sweet.

Rasaaru Ishii no Childs Quest

Oh boy here we go!  This one is a little 2Nippon4me but that's actually what makes me love it!  This is an RPG where you play the manager of an all girl band.  You go on tour, increase the groups popularity and stay in cheap motels.  If anything this will be the game that forces me to dedicate my life towards the goal of learning Nihongo.  

Some nice game play footage.  At :39 seconds you fight a poop.  Shit I need to start learning Nihongo right now!

I coincidentally started watching an episode of Game Center CX that has a brief description of this game.  It's at 9:06  Also at 29:46 you can see Obake No Q-Tarou.

My gut instinct said Hogan's Alley and damn it if it wasn't Hogan's Alley.

Board game that simulates life into old age.  Goal is to be the most wealthy family.

Happy daughter looking bomb Chie child emissions gravel
That's the title from google translations.  If I had the romanized Japanese name I might be able to look it up on youtube but so far all I've found is this nice page which explains the game.  This is the game that has generated the most curiosity so I'll bug my friend Taylor to give me a better translation .

The game also has a really pissed off cat in it. How'd he get so pissed?


Unknown said...

Keep your eyes peeled for the nes launch games like gyromite, super mario bros (no duck hunt) etc the first black box ones. A bunch of them have famicom adapters inside the cart. You can test for it by feeling if the weight of the cart seems too heavy.

JerryTerrifying said...

@ Unknown: I'm familiar with that tactic. I've been thinking about getting a Famicom for a few weeks now and mysteriously a stack of Famicom carts show up in my possession...I'm thinking it's definitely a sign.

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