Gaming Beast plays FTL (Parts 1-4)

Posted by theGamingBeast On Saturday, February 2, 2013 4 comments

The Final Voyage of Starship Catcast.

Fighting more Space Pirates and exploring Nebulae IN SPACE!!!

In the awkward silence of space, no one can hear you fart. Captain Retrokaiser continues to boldly go where no Nerd has gone before!

Lets take the Starship Catcast on its last voyage, in this cool Spaceship-Rougelike.


DeathAdder83 said...

@ 13:57 Made me lulz a little bit.

theGamingBeast said...

Kaiser always needs some medical attention lolz!

James T. Kaiser said...

Sweet little tribute man. Looking forward to part 2.

theGamingBeast said...

Im happy you like it. Part 2 is up, enjoy.

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