Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 91

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Wednesday, February 27, 2013 1 comments

Metal Gear Rising, VAG, Famicom, Bomberman and more after the jump!

Metal Gear Rising

-Length is fine
-Senator cuhrayzee is not the silliest thing in MG history.
-Covered in bees, mixed drinking roller blading fatman, haunted fore arm conversations, gimp suit soviet psychic, photosynthesis old men, President Doc Oc sword duel
-Regret starting on normal like a huge pussy faggot.  Very hard is pretty hard though lol.
-Lamp is neat
-Sound track is neat too.  At least that one track.


Converted all my real life friends into Bomberman players
Bomberman figures, pics on the forum?
Bomberman Ultra on PSN, you fag lords

Birthday Acquisitions

Some Famicom games.  Neat!


Welcome Balzak, Death Adder and Strider
Now I'm not quite talking to myself like a maniac

Amazon Reviews

Links in the forum, click that you found them helpful

VGA Rating

$1,000 Lucienne's Quest
$80 Ape Escape 3

Some fucking moron paid $30 to tell you that the sealed copy of Ape Escape is sealed.  Then tries to charge you for it.  what a fucking dipshit.


Going to finish MCTV season 1
Page full of notes for MCTV season 2.
Mini Docs covering series and developers n shit
Terror Dome Painting, submit your pictures of the terror dome

Sound Tracks

Been downloading game sound tracks, want to download a ton of em.

Posting videos

Room tour got good views adn nice comments
Unboxing was a mess lol
Going to post first video in the new series VAG. Videos of Acquired Games


DeathAdder83 said...
Dis guy talk aboot two munch Mental Greer Soldier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Baron James T. Kaiser the 1st said...
How the hell did I miss this?

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DeathAdder83 said...

When you talk about Metal Gear, I hunch over in my chair with a giant frown on my face for the next 30-45 minutes. Nah, I'm kidding, I have fucked aroud with Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 and liked it and I was really in to the first Splinter Cell game with all that sneakin around and shit.

I've got to say this latest podcast really satisfied my hunger for another Mondo Cool Cast, it feels like I just downed 20ounce porterhouse steak wrapped in bacon off of a Chinese woman's ass! Well done sir.

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