The New Heroes of Thair (D&D) Episode 1

Posted by theGamingBeast On Tuesday, February 5, 2013 2 comments

I start my new Campaign and thanks to Fantasy Grounds 2, its a roaring success. We played for at least 5 and a half hours, but I edited it down to 4 and a half. More info after the bump

Joining us in this Quest in the Land of Thair is:
-Critical Failre as Daeron the Elf Cleric
-Jerry Terryfying as Mungore the Human Barbarian
-Mitch as Griffthor the Human Rouge
-Retrokaiser as Hairy Underneenee the Human Mage
-Shintai as Goro the Half-Orc Monk

The Heroes explore an abbandoned Silver Mine, that houses an unknown evil.
We use 3.5 for this campaign, as I did for the previous one (that I have yet to upload). We continue the campaign with Daeron and Hairy being the only recurring characters. Previously we played 11 Sessions with about 12 Players come and go who I met on Infrno. From the only 3 constant players 2 left the group leaving CF's Daeron being the constant. Retrokaisers Hairy wasnt really that constant but that is becauseo f the timezone difference. I gotta work on that.
Fantasy Grounds 2 is sofar a great Virtual Tabletop I dont regret the purchase. IT has everything a DM would want.
The second session is recorded but I am considering to chop it up into multiple parts, might be better.
Comments and feedback are appretiated!




theGamingBeast said...

We Played almost 6 hours. I think it beats the record of Tarl Igot Session 4 which was over 4 hours. Remember I cut out all the leveling up which I count as gametime. Im not quite sure how long the second one was but I know its shorter.

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