Mondo Cool Team Reviews: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (PSP)

Posted by Shintai On Saturday, February 23, 2013 1 comments

This is a prequel to FF7, and a damn good one. People who love action RPGs and/or FF7 will definitely enjoy this.


theGamingBeast said...

Entertaining Review, I need to finally finish Final Fantasy 7. I do like the idea that they went with a different fighting system. I have sofar finished ff4 and ff6, and played alot ff1 and ff7 and a little of ff5. After I finish 7 Im thinking of doing 9 based on CF's Review. I know Im avoiding 10 to 15 probably, just because I dislike the direction of the stories and the character designs. Final Fantasy needs a serios reboot in style. Not like the shitty DMC reboot (like I havent played much of the game, but there was nothing wrong with the design the character reminds me a bit of Hellsing, which is a good thing). I dunno what you thought about that reboot. Anyway Im rambling, ;).

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