I'm pissed. Really fucking pissed. I was on ebay looking for a Dreamcast webbrowser, specifically version 3. I got one for $20 total. That wasn't bad, they're hard to come by. All those Dreamcast browsers you see for like basically free are version 2, which are useless with the broadband adapter. Only version 3 works with the broadband adapter so that's why I ponied up the cash for this bitch. First of all it took like a week and a half to get here when it came from the same state, so that means the ebay is slow and secondly there is a giant fucking crack in the disc. Gee, don't you think that's something that should have been mentioned in the fucking auction? No it says it was working and tested, well there's no pictures of the data side of the disc on the auction so I guess I have to take their word for it. Maybe it happened during shipping? The case it came in was one of those folded in half cardboard jobs, and the case was in a fucking bubble pack. Boo. So it may have happened during transit. Let's see if this asshole gives me my damn refund. I'm mad. I can't find another 3.0 webbrowser on ebay, and I can't find a fucking ISO on the internet because I'm not agaisnt burning a copy.

All I wanted to do was download some images to my VMU for use in Jet Grind Radio. Fuck! Stuff like this gets me super mad, this sucks. I was so exicted to finally spray some custom tags. Damn it!


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