Getting close to beating Zelda II the Adventure of Link. I'm really loving this game. I'm enjoying it way more than I've ever enjoyed the first Zelda. I just got done knifing Barba, the boss in Palace number 6, in the head. I was stuck there for a while but eventually with a little jump magic and downward thrusting I was victorious!

Right now I'm doing a little level grinding to gain the last few levels to max Link's stats before going on to the final Palace to kick some ass. Really glad I fixed the battery in this game and am giving it the attention it deserves.

I like the overworld and how it gives the land of Hyrule some much needed size. I've always hated how small the worlds are in Zelda games. Link to the Past seemed so small...with its only village being a few shacks and a couple chickens. The world just seemed smaller than a real world village...devoid of any significant population. Even OoT seemed tiny and devoid of life. There's more people on my block than there are in the entirety of Oot. But in Zelda II there's several towns spanning several screens. Sure there's like 5 sprites for villagers but at least there's a ton of them moving around, carrying pots, giving out life and magic or letting you know that they infact "know nothing."

The combat in this game is a lot more engaging than in the first. Mastering the jump n slash is pretty satisfying for taking out those enemies with the shields...their name escapes me at the moment. I just simply love this game.


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