A ps3 Died in Ohio tonight.

Very tragic news. My Playstation 3 died on me tonight. Very sad. I just started watching a Venture Bros DVD and about 30 seconds in the video freezes and the screen goes black. I hit the eject button and get beeping, I hit the power button and more beeping and the power light started beeping. So I turn off the main power, turn it back on and hit the power button, I get a green light, it flashes red then just starts flashing red. If I hit the power button it'll go into standby, if I hit the power button again it starts blinking red again. Lame.

So in the morning I'm going to actually call the support line. If you knew me you'd know how much I hate making phone calls, talking to people makes me uncomfortable.

I may make a video about it documenting the process of shipping it off. I better get my God damn DVD back is all I know. Damn it, damn it, damn it.


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