Uploaded several videos. Most importantly the MGS VS MGS TTS video. It's my third video to ever use any kind of editing. So I'm always proud of those. So check those out, there's a handy dandy youtube app on the right hand side of this page.

Also I finally got 100 subs on my youtube page! Someday I'd like to have like 50,000 subs so I can slap google adsense on there and start making the big dollars. Wouldn't that be sweet? To be paid to play with video games and making videos? Hell yeah it would be. So subscribe to me and tell all your friends your Mama and your Granny to sub.

I'm going to make a review. An honest to God video game review for my page. It won't need much video editing, and I can just slap a narration over it, so that's why it's happening. Expect that someday soon. Probably the next video I upload.

Today I missed the UPS man, he was dropping off my ps3 coffin. I need it so it can be packed up and sent in to Sony. I hope I'm not with out it for too long, I dearly love my 60gb ps3.


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