So yesterday I got my hands on a ps2 HDD and an extra Network Adapter. I want an HDD for my ps2 so I can run HDD Loader! Which is a program that lets you rip an image of a ps2 game to the ps2's HDD so it can be played from the HDD. Neat! I think you can even make it so it'll play ISO's or some crap. That'd be rad!

So looking up how to make all of this magic happen I came across a youtube video showing how to load the homebrew app for the first time. Well the only thing stopping me from being able to do this all right now is that I need a Memory card with a cracked file on it. So the youtube video linked to a page with written instructions and the guy said he'd help you get ahold of the file or if you need it you could send him a memory card and he'd copy it for you and send it back. Sweet! So I sent a message and arragned that. And I'm also selling him the spare network adapter since he recently had an accident with his. So I basically am getting a free HDD and the ability to run HDD Loader. AWESOME.

Also did a little work on the stencils for my MGS1 ps1. So maybe sometime soon I'll try painting up the last bits.


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