I really need to stay off of the internet. I randomly thought of the Commodore 64 and did some googling and ebaying. I've decided I need to own one. What really sold me is that it uses cartride based games. So it's very much like a console and not just a personal computer. I've never been one for computer games. So being able to play the games on various joysticks and even Sega Genesis controllers is a pretty big selling point for me. I'm sure I'll also play plenty of games on floppy disk and I may even buy the cassette drive. Yes, it uses cassettes, like you know, an audio cassette but they call them Datasettes. I hear it takes forever to load a program from the dataset, like 15 minutes to load a game long. I also kind of want to buy a printer for it, just you know, so I can type up some documents and shuffle them around the Jerry Terrifying Head Quarters.

I've also got a copy of the Collectors Guide from www.digitpress.com and was reading about the CD-I, CD32 and CD TV. I'm interested in picking those up as well. The CD32 and CDTV are Commodores last computers. The CD32 with some expansions can be made into an Amiga computer basically. I'm not to worried about picking those up, but if I ever find myself with some extra cash I'd love to snag them up just to have. Anyway as I'm planning on buying up some cart based games for the C64 I hopefully win on ebay I want to get the other Collectors guide, I've only got the "Advanced" guide and now really want to get the "Classic" Guide to help me find some bad ass games for the C64.

Man, what a dork I've become in the past few months! My bedroom is turning into a computer museum, which is pretty cool I guess.


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