Finally got my Japanese PSN ticket. I was playing Metal Gear Solid in the parking lot at work waiting for my car to warm up. Awesome. Also got the face plate, and installed it. I don't think it fits quite right but it's ok. It's better than having a giant crack. I'll eventually just buy a PSP 3000 or whatever PSP comes out after that. Oh well. I've also noticed that the only new games I want to buy are on the PSP. Well at least 5 compared to the two or three other games I would like to have for other systems. I probably won't get 3 out of those 5 I want for PSP as they're RPGs and those just take too damn long. Fucking RPGs taking a million years!

Also while running I was thinking about my hot babe girlfriend and video games. I was thinking how it's weird she likes Work Time Fun as that's a rather quirky game. Then I realized she's a casual gamer and likes casual games. That explains how she'll only play Wii Bowling and fighting games with me. Oh well.


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