Just finished up Yakuza. Man that game just kept getting better and better! The final Boss fights were pretty damn good. The fight with Nishiki reminded me of the fist fight with Liquid Snake in MGS1. Two "brothers" settling shit with punching, the way all things should be settled. The only other thought I have is I really liked Majima Goro. What a fucking maniac. Especially in the scene before you fight him for the last time. I don't know wheather I love or hate him, but I enjoyed his presence that's for damn sure. Also I liked that after beating the game you unlock the premium box, you can view cut scenes, participate in fights with various rules or go back and do the side missions without playing any of the story line missions. I'm glad I don't have to do a complete playthrough to get the rest of the things I missed. I'm sure I'll play through this game again some day but it's a good feature. Man, amazing game. Can't wait to get Yakuza 2.


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