Live! From the Terror Dome - Mondo Cool Cast 107

Posted by JerryTerrifying On Thursday, November 13, 2014 5 comments

Join me Shintai, Mecha Menace and eventually Justin as we talk a lot of shit about a lot of things.

-We all hate trolls but a two year jail sentence?

-Growth of computer science professionals grew equally between the sexes until 1984
tldl; Advertising seemed to focus on males being the users of computers, games, and tech related items, fashioning them in the minds of consumers as boys' toys.

-More signs of the times as publishers will favor digital and mobile games as they are shifting where new players and old players are spending

-Dreamcast USB ROM loader (basically an ODE with a USB port out the back of your system)

-Fans of 3DRealms' glory days should be happy with this bundle loaded with all their games (...shhh, no one tell them about Abandonia)

-Nintendo promoting Bayonetta 2's upcoming release with Playboy (insert Tim "the Toolman" Taylor grunt)
Related: Nintendo adjust design for Link costume on Bayonetta to be more SEXY!!

-Assault Suit Leynos / Target Earth series re-make on the PS4


-Ouch! These Street Fighter tattoos are good for a look


-It's kind of funny comparing how Japanese kids grew up with Famicom to US kids and their NES. I wonder if other parts of the world have any similarities.

The amount of computing power people carry in their pockets is just amazing. Dreamcast emulator for droid:

-Continuing last month's scans of catalogs, we have here scans of Nintendo Power's Super Power Supplies Catalog bi-annuals which includes merch available solely to subscribers

-It's great when everything is included in the game. Would our classic games for which we hold much nostalgia be ruined by hypothetical DLC?

-In spirit with the times, this link has a Deviant Artist with a gallery of well-carved videogame-themed pumpkins

Policy for Kickstarter change, making it easier for backers to retaliate if a project fails

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DeathAdder83 said...

Well worth the wait on the podcast, also nice to finally here Mecha Menace, if the Mondo Cool Cast was the Starship Enterprise, Mecha would clearly be Data.

Darth Tallis said...

Two years for troilling?! Have we really become so sensitive? That's just so goddam sad.

I've got to ask, were you talking during the music in the intro? If you were, it didn't come through.

mechaMenace said...

Thank you to everyone on MC. I really enjoyed the show. Maybe next time I'll use my sexy voice ;)

Retrokaiser said...

Rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape!

Retrokaiser said...

8-bit Eric? Isn't that the guy who tries too hard to be himself?

Also, DevilBurning is a Emo Goth? All this time I thought he was a Hipster.

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