Steam Game Review: Blob From Space (2014)

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"Blob From Space" is an indie platformer game for the PC.  This game has you starring as a blob from space (hence the title "Blob From Space") who lands on Earth and gets stuck in a situation to where he must get past some tough obstacles and reach a portal.  These levels are full of monsters, spikes,, tough jumps, items, and secrets.  It's not all hopeless for poor old Blob the blob as you do have a very useful ability which is that you can transform into other creatures by copying the DNA of your enemies (sounds like a Thing...  John Carpenter's Thing).  Even then it is still not an easy trip as you only have "three lives" to escape from Earth...  John Carpenter's Escape Fro...  Okay, time to stop that stupid joke.  Do you think you have what it takes to beat this gauntlet?  Do I think it's worth it to play this gauntlet would be a better question.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

There's no story in this game but there is a basic concept which is to beat the game in just three lives.  I do not mind this concept at all as it makes for a nice challenge.  Sadly there is a lot more to it than that to make this a fun game, does this game meet up with the qualifications to making this game great to play?  Sadly not, this game is full of problems and we will discus those problems throughout this whole review but do not fear as there is also some good to be found in this game also.

Gameplay in this game is very simple with controls that are passable but the controls could be a bit tighter as they can be very sensitive to where you'll easily overshoot your jumps.  The ability to morph into an enemy while facing them was pretty darn cool and it added some freshness to the gameplay.  You also collect items like: Diamonds that will increase your score, Hats which will give you alternate costumes, and Glasses that work the same as Hats.  The costumes don't change how the game plays at all but I did find them very fun to look at.

Level designs are the main problem with this game as they are bland and frustrating to navigate through to where I lose motivation to try and beat the game.  This game is also really short to where it felt like that I was playing a demo.  When you get "game over" you can go into a "password input" screen and put in a password to continue on the level from where you died on.  This system is a little archaic but is very functional with password that aren't very long and give you a full set of lives so you can continue your journey with a bit more ease.

There are bonus levels included and they were pretty fun to play plus they all had different style of gameplay.  One stage was about flying around and grabbing as much diamonds as you can, another has you degenerated to a single pixel trying to take the right moves into squeezing your way into a portal.  That's not all as this game also has new levels added in via free DLC and they are based on holidays like Halloween and Christmas.  So far I've only played the "Halloween 2014" stages that has you playing through some stages nearly completely blind and these levels were surprisingly decent although still a bit clunky, this is giving me some hope on getting some great stages in the future.  These stages also give you bonus items like a new costume and achievements that were very appropriate to the theme of the levels.

Graphics in this game have a retro PC look from around the late "Windows '98" to "Windows 2000" and "Windows ME" era.  I'm mixed on this look as it is cool to see a game use a graphic style from that era but the graphics could also use a bit of polish as they are a bit bare and lack detail.  Animation in this game is very minimalistic and could use some polish and detailing to make the characters look more alive.  Music in this game doesn't sound bad but it doesn't really set the mood in any stage that well.

This game is also in the "Early Access" section of Steam so it pretty much means that this game is pretty much like an open beta to where it's not a complete game but is still on sale on Steam.  This is both a good and bad thing as the good thing is that we can see this game improve over time until it's on the final release, the bad is that this game isn't at final release and it feels like that we haven't got a complete version of the game.  I do wish to see this game improve to where it has more levels and detailing as this game has some very cool ideas that I'd like to see bloom.  This game is already on the right track with the free DLC levels as the developer is improving on their skills with each new level they bring into the game.

Overall this is not a game I recommend buying..  Well not at stage anyway.  This game is too much in an early stage to be checking out yet as it still needs a lot of work but I can recommend checking this game out as part of the cheap tier from a gaming bundle (like Humble Bundle, Bundle Stars, Indie Gala, and Groupees for example*).  Not great but does have some great ideas and is improving.

*Free plug because those are great sites for getting games from.

Game: Blob From Space
System: PC
Developer: JosPlays
Publisher: KISS ltd
Genre: Platformer
Price: $5.99 (Steam)
Recommended: No (Not at this stage at least)


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