Blu-Ray Review: Rick and Morty - The Complete Season One (2013 - 2014)

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"Rick and Morty - The Complete Season One" is an animated science fiction comedy series about a young boy named Morty and his grandfather named Rick.  Morty is just a simple boy that enjoys simple things, like going to school and idling over the girl he likes.  Rick is a genius scientist and inventor but while a smart dude he is also an alcoholic, likes to drag Morty into his crazy schemes, and is also a bit of a prick...  And that's why we love him.  Also in this show we have Jerry and Beth whom are Morty's constantly arguing parents, also Summer who is Morty's older sister who is a bit jealous of how Rick is always giving Morty attention...  Although she might regret that if she ever saw the hell Rick puts Morty through.  So join Rick and Morty as we see them go on many crazy and comedic adventures through space, time, and alternate space and uh... Alternate time.  Some example of what to expect in this first season includes:  Rick trying to convince Morty to smuggle contraband over inter-dimensional customs, Rick guiding Morty when trouble goes down in a theme park built inside of a homeless man, Rick and Morty trying to stop a hoard of infected people that all want Morty to mate with them,  Jerry's huge ego trip adventure on Pluto, Rick and Morty battling evil... I mean eviler versions of themselves, plus more.  So sit down, buckle up, and wubba lubba dub dub as this is Rick and Morty.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The writing in this show is pretty brilliant with a lot of creativeness put into the settings of most episodes.  You will find yourself being drawn in instantly due to how fun and funny the show gets.  A lot of the things seen in this show are very insane and that's saying a lot as I find it very hard to mark something as insane due to my standards o crazy.  The balancing of genres is pretty good in this show as you'll find an equal amount of comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, and drama with no clashing what so ever.  The reason why I said that most episodes were written well earlier in this paragraph is due to not every episode being strongly written as there were a few episodes that were a little bit weak but also far from being bad at the same time. 

The humor in this show relies on a lot of slapstick and parody and it works really well with a lot of jokes that will have you laughing.  Despite relying on slapstick and parody for their humor as you won't find it to be lazy at all as most of the jokes are very cleverly written.  The humor isn't perfect though as there was a joke here and there that was a bit drawn out and pretentious.  This show is defiantly not for children as there is a lot of rude stuff to be found in the humor like sex and drug jokes.  There is quite a bit of violence in this show as well and it can get pretty horrific with a decent amount of blood and gore but it also very over the top and adds to the humor.  Characters in this show are just plain excellent with unique personalities and you can't help but love them despite how evil some of the characters can get as it just becomes charming instead.

I'm surprised with the art-work with this show as for an Adult Swim show it actually has a budget put into the art and animation.  Art-style has a strong comic look to it that reminds me a little bit of the show "Futurama (1999 - 2013)" and it looks pretty good and works well with the crazy themes of the show.  Backgrounds in this show range from a "pretty standard" suburban look of that you'd see in show's like "The Simpsons (1989 - Ongoing)" and "Family Guy (1999 - Ongoing)" to backgrounds that are very crazy, imaginative, and out of this world and adds a lot of fun to the show.  The backgrounds aren't very detailed but this is a show where they do not need to be as the simplicity works the best in this case.

 Character designs are pretty good and are very memorable as they have a lot of charm and charisma.  Animation is pretty decent throughout most of the show but there are some episodes where the animation looks cheap and I mean cheap in an ugly way like "Brickleberry (2012 - Ongoing)"...  Okay the animation doesn't get that ugly but it does become cheap nonetheless.  Despite the animation looking cheap sometimes, you will find that the animation is good during 95% of the show.  I'm going to be nit-picky here and 99.9% won't care about this but there is a mistake on the disc as it has the wrong rating on it.  The rating on the disc says "M15+" but the show is rated "MA15+"...  Yeah, I probably didn't need to mention that.

Voice acting in this show is pretty good as they have voices that match up with all of the characters really well and it is also very memorable.  You will get a lot of special guest voices like "John Oliver (from "Last Week Tonight (2014 - Ongoing)" and "Dana Carvey" (from "Wayne's World (1992)") for example.  I was mixed on the special guest voices as some of them pulled it off really well and played good characters while other times the special guest voices just made their characters sounded bland and forced.  One neat thing about this release is that the audio track is uncensored which means that you get to hear all the sweet cussing that was bleeped from the television version.  I liked the music in this show as it had a zany sci-fi sound that worked perfectly with the show.  

There's quite a bit of extras in this show with an overall running time that's longer than watching the whole season.  You'll get "deleted scenes" on certain episodes that are in storyboard form but that doesn't stop you from enjoying them.  A good chunk of the deleted scenes were really good but there were a few that weren't and you could easily see why they were cut.  You're not only just getting deleted scenes as there are also some "alternate" versions of scenes found in the show.  The alternate scenes were pretty good but I can see why they were replaced as they had some things that they wouldn't be able to get away with on television, there was one that looked like that was replaced due to having plot holes.

Oh, Jerry!
Also found in the special features section is a twenty-minute behind the scenes feature that goes over how an episode was made.  That isn't all as they try their best to not make this a stereotypical behind the scenes that's all straight faced but rather they added in their sense of humor and goof around a lot. The humor found in this documentary is quite hit or miss as it caters more to fans of "Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job (/2007 - 2010)" and fans of "Troma" movies (Troma made films such as "Toxic Avenger (1984)", "Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)", and "The First Turn On (1983)").

That's not all as you also get storyboard versions of every episode and they all look nice and interesting.  You also get audio commentary tracks on every episode but not just from the cast and crew as you also get some fan-commentaries from crew that worked on shows such as "The Simpsons (1989 - Ongoing)" and "Adventure Time (2010 - Ongoing)".  All commentary tracks were really interesting to listen as you do learn some nice trivia plus hear them goof off a lot making for a fun time and that goes for all cast, crew, and guests.

Lastly you get a very special, special feature as it is actually a physical item.  What is this item?  Well you'll get a bonus comic book titled "The Good Morty" and while that might sound like it won't mean a thing to those who haven't seen this show already, fans of the show will be ecstatic as this comic is a reference to something that happens in the show and it will mean a lot to you once you have seen the show.  The comic itself was well worth the read as it shares the clever and funny writing of the show.  I ended up reading the comic a few times and found it just as funny each time, heck I still bust it out every now and then as it's that good.

Overall this was a very solid first season to a show but not just that as this is also one of the best Adult Swim shows that I have ever seen.  I can easily recommend going out and buying this show as you will enjoy the show and the bonus comic book.  Very fun viewing.

Title: Rick and Morty - The Complete Season One
Animation/Production Studio: Justin Roiland's Solo Vanity Card Productions, Starburns Industries, Williams Street
Genre: Animation, Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, Comedy
Running Time: 275 minutes (11 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Rating: MA15+ (Course language, mature themes, sexual references, violence)
Price: $34.95
Recommended: Yes


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