DVD Review: Battle Girls: Time Paradox Series Collection (2011)

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Battle Girls: Time Paradox is an action comedy about Yoshino Hide, a female student in middle school that is always arriving late for school because she is always getting stuck on the train due to being too small to push her way out of the busy crowd.  She finally makes it to class and tries to sneak in without her teacher looking but she gets caught.  After school she gets called in to see the teacher and the teacher has some very bad news.  Yoshino Hide's grades are slipping on a very steep level and if she doesn't improve on her studies she'll have to repeat that grade all over again.  On her way home she gets desperate and decides to go to a shrine so she can pray for good luck.  While she is there she also spends the last of her money (all 10 cents of it) on a charm for her mobile phone.  While trying to put the money in the cash box she drops it all and chases after it and spots something unusual behind a window.  It looks like somebody meditating in the shrine with a bright blue glow around her.  Yoshino Hide distracts the woman and they both get swept up right into the light.  Yoshino Hide wakes up and ends up in a burning village where she is rescued by a big warrior princes named Oda Nobunaga.  Oda Nobunaga thanks her and starts walking home but notices that the scenery is not the same and returns back to Oda Nobunaga's castle and stays there until she figures out how to get home.  Next morning she discovers that she is actually stuck in another year and not just that as she has also somehow altered the past to create another timeline where men don't exist (EGADS).  While trying to figure out how to get back to the right time she also accepts to help Oda Nobunaga find all the pieces of a legendary armor that is said to give the person who wears it the power to rule over all of the land.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

I'm not very fond of the story as it is quite generic, uninteresting and unoriginal with many other shows doing this same theme but much better.  By the time this show does pick up in terms of story it will already be too late as that doesn't happen until the last few episodes.  As far as being an action comedy?  The action is very scarce and will mainly happen towards the end.  There is indeed comedy and it can be pretty funny at times but it can also be a bit too tedious to bare.  This was also very hard to watch in huge chunks and I could only watch two episodes at a time before I took a rest and watched something else.  As bad as I made that out to be I wouldn't say this is a terrible show but it is hard to get into.  The main character (Yoshino Hide) is really annoying and very useless from the start all the way to the very end and has very little to no charm.  The other characters aren't as bad as her but I'm also very mixed on them as they can be great but they can also get a little bit annoying. The best character in this show is Oda Nobunaga as she is a very charming and strong character and she will be the main reason you will watch this show.

The artwork is the nicest thing about this show with very skimpy characters that are also very beautiful and strong looking all at the same time that somewhat remind me of characters from Xena: Warrior Princess.  Yes you do get to see nudity in this and I'm not going to lie here but it did look very nice.  Although if you think this show is going to have naked female warriors constantly you might as well find another show as you only get two scenes where you see them bare all (this isn't a hentai after all).  The backgrounds and scenery do look pretty nice but you are bound to not notice as you'll most likely be checking out the characters heavenly bodies (not to sound perverted but that really is the case).  English dub was pretty decent but nothing all that special overall.  The exact same can be said about the soundtrack.

Not much in terms of selection for special features as you only get text-less opening and closing credit sequences.  These weren't bad to revisit but again there wasn't anything special that stood out but it was nice to see something in the special features section nonetheless.  Overall while this wasn't a terrible show (even though the review makes it sound very abysmal) there isn't enough in it to grab onto you to warrant me recommending this anyway.  Unless you are into "admiring"* sexy artwork otherwise this show isn't for you.  Not recommended.

Title: Battle Girls Time Paradox Series Collection
Animation Studio: TMS Entertainment
Genre: Animation/Anime, Action, Comedy
Running Time: 325 minutes (13 Episodes)
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (www.madman.com.au)
Rating: M15+ (Nudity)
Price: $59.95
Recommended: No

*Note: Admiring is a word used for an innuendo replacement of something else you do with your hands.


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