DVD Review: Best of Rooster Teeth Collection (2003 - 2013)

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Best of Rooster Teeth Collection is a DVD box set containing three "best of" specials from the comedy group Rooster Teeth.  The DVDs included in this set are: The Best Red Vs. Blue DVD Ever. Of All Time (originally released on it's own last year but got re-printed for this set), Best of Rooster Teeth Shorts, and The Best of Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures.  Now instead of saying what the shows are about in here I'll be reviewing each disc separately after the jump.  So go take that jump into the alternate dimension that is "The Full Review".  See you all there.  (Click "Read More" to read the full review).

The Best Red Vs. Blue DVD Ever. Of All Time.

This DVD (not repeating that ridiculously weird title) is a "best of" special of the hit machinima series (cartoons made from using video game footage) based on Halo, Red Vs. Blue.  How can you make a best of episode of a show like this?  Why by only doing one of the most shameful things you could do in terms of writing a show... By doing a clip show.  Unfortunately (or luckily for us) these knuckleheaded soldiers have no shame.  The way they setup this clip show is that they have a award show giving out awards for the "best" moments of Red Vs. Blue.  This special will feature all your favorite characters like: Church, Sarge, Caboose, Tex, Doughnut, Simmons, Griff, Tucker and Doc.  Plus it will also feature some surprise appearances from some of the obscure characters like: The Commissioner (from Griffball), Sister and Junior.

I'm a bit surprised that they did manage to make a "best of" DVD out of this show as I didn't think that would be possible due to it's a show you really  have to watch all the episodes from start to finish as opposed to select clips.  This special was pretty average with clips that were pretty filler-ish (not a real word but it sums it up pretty well) and even sometimes bland.  They also mainly show clips from seasons six to nine which was weird as they had a load of good stuff from the first five seasons they should've used.  The award show segments were okay but nothing really special but you will get a few laughs here and there.  The best part of this show was actually the end where they showed the best episodes from each season which should've been this whole special in the first place.  This one is also a very long one with a run time of around two and a half hours and you might as well just stick to the main season sets anyway as this did drag on.

Overall this was a pretty average special that doesn't do a good job of telling you what Red Vs. Blue is all about which is a shame as Red Vs. Blue is a very good show.  Thank goodness this box set is all up hill from here.  Onto the second "best of" special in this set.

Rooster Teeth Best of Shorts

Rooster Teeth Shorts is a live-action comedy sketch show about the day in the life of the Rooster Teeth crew.  Featuring select episodes from seasons one to four you will see the Rooster Teeth crew in crazy situations such as: Playing catch, trying to get office work done, looking for scissors, teaching nerds on how to pick up chicks, dealing with genocidal computers, and food wars.  Sure it all sounds mundane but believe me it's one crazy ride that charges you $10 for a souvenir photo afterwards.  Did I forget to mention that they have all the segments tied up together with a storyline that parodies shows like "Behind The Music" and "E! True Hollywood Story"?  Nope.  On to the review.

Unlike Red Vs. Blue this works much better in having a special "best of" DVD.  The humor in this is really funny and is really well written that will have you laughing till you can't breathe.  Acting in this show is just like how they are in real life, very awkward... Now, now there, don't go on thinking that this is a bad thing as it really helps add some character and charm to the show and gives it a very genuine feeling.  The documentary (or mockumentary) parts did get in the way of the skits but there is an option to play all the skits by themselves which is a very nice feature that I recommend choosing.

There's a small but fun collection of special features on this disc and those special features are two bonus episodes of the show which were very funny although a bit gross.  Overall this was a huge step-up from the previous DVD and it made for quite fun viewing.  Defiantly recommend checking out this one.  Now onto the third (and final) disc of this set.

The Best of Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

Our last "best of" special is of their animated show called Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures.  This show has cartoons based on stories that the Rooster Teeth crew have told on their podcast and live panels.  Stuff they talk about are the typical stuff like bizarre things that have happened at home, crazy things that have happened at conventions, and general bullshittery (again, not a real word but that does explain that topic really well).  This special also has all new panel segments where the Rooster Teeth crew talk about the skits and also add on more to the stories that wasn't mentioned in the cartoons.  So sit back, relax, it's a cartoon hoedown based on a true story.

Animation was very crudely done but on purpose and it goes really well with the stories they tell.  The stories were very funny and well worth the time which was the major thing I was worried about as this feature goes on for two hours and I had feared that it would go stale real fast.  The new live action panel sections were really great and they do give some decent extra info.  There is also an option to play all the cartoons without the new segments but I don't see why you would want to select that.

This disc has some decent special features that include: A 3D version of the "Los Angeles" episode, a making of video that shows the animator making an episode from start to finish, and some outtakes from the episode "Attack of the Burnies".  One odd thing I really enjoyed on this disc was the disc menus had some new and original skits blended in and they were very funny to the point where I watched them loop a few times.  Overall this was the best one out of the three and I defiantly recommend checking it out.

The box set as a whole was really good and it is recommended for those who want to get into "Rooster Teeth Shorts" and "Animated Adventures".  The "Red Vs. Blue" disc in this set was quite weak so I recommend skipping over that disc and going straight for the next two.  Two great ones and one weak one but overall the good outdoes the weak and I recommend picking this one up.  Good set.

Title: Best of Rooster Teeth Collection
Director: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Matt Hullum
Genre: Comedy, Sci-fi, Machinima/Video Game Movie, Animation
Running Time: 400 Minutes (3 films) 
Distributor: Hanabee
Rating: MA15+ (Violence, Strong coarse language)
Price: $29.99
Recommended: Yes


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