Just got my new PSP 3000. I like it! The Skype feature is kind of cool. I'm not sure if it offered free calls to real phones but I sure did call my cellhpone without it asking to add funds or anything. So I don't know...that's cool? It's so light! Compared to my humongous PSP 1000 which weighs a million tons. I'm still pissed my PSP 1000 started acting up...the UMD door keeps flying open every five seonds and I hate it. I'll never part with my PSP 1000...I love the little fella, its been with me on so many of my adventures.

I haven't noticed anything bad about the screen. Actually I don't notice much of a difference at all with the screen quality. I'm going to try it ouside though. I remember my PSP 1000 being useless in sunlight. So if I can use the 3000 outside while I'm pumping Iron in the backyard that'll be really cool. Now I won't be forced to use just the DS when I'm out there "gettin' my swole on."

Now that I've got this PSP 3000 I can finish playing Star Ocean First Departure. Which is AMAZING...it's really a shame the UMD door started acting up right when I got to the final dungeon. Can't wait.


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