DVD Review: Nisemonogatari Part 1 [Limited Edition] (2012)

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Nisemonogatari part one (aka volume one) is the first half of the sequel series to Bakemonogatari.  This volume has our favorite mundane ex-vampire Koyomi Araragi helping out his friends with supernatural problems.  This time he finds himself in a situation that leaves him chained to a bunch of school supplies by that good old crazy bitch of a girlfriend (I mean that in a loveable way).  We then go back in time to see what lead up to our hero getting into some extreme S&M action.  The flashback starts off with Koyomi getting invited by Nadeko Sengoku to go see her at her house (you will remember her for being the girl with the snake curse from Bakemonogatari part 2) and before he goes he has a nice conversation with one of his younger sisters about his other younger sister.  On his way to Nadeko's place he bumps into Mayoi Hachikuji (the wandering spirit from Bakemonogatari part 1) and plays around for a little bit.  Koyomi finally makes it to Nadeko's house and what a site he sees as she is dressed up in a very skimpy outfit that she picked just for him.  This scene is quite funny as she is trying to seduce him by trying to play some games that involve him touching her very tenderly.  Sadly the time she has with him is cut short as her parents turn up with them unaware that she has a boy in the house.  Nadeko panics and kicks Koyomi out of the house to avoid getting in trouble.  Koyomi then goes to visit Suruga Kanbaru (girl with the monkey paw curse from Bakemonogatari Part 1) and man is she perverted making him feel very nervous.  Koyomi has enough of visiting friends for the day and starts to head home but right outside of Suruga's gate is a very creepy looking man asking about the people who live there.  Moments later he runs into Hitagi Senjogahara (his girlfriend) and mentions him somewhere in the conversation and then something unexpected happened, Hitagi became terrified and knocks him out and ties him up.  Who is this creepy man?  Why is Hitagi so afraid of him? 

Transioning from the brilliant Bakemonogtari (the first series) to Nisemonogatari (the second series) was a bit awkward at first as the first few episodes were a bit rough to watch with the scenes reintroducing characters feeling very forced nearly making me give up on the show entirely.  Once those introductory episodes are done with you will be reunited with the reasons of why you fell in love with the show to begin with.  Story is fairly simple but so full of flavor with some great characters although you may hate them at first but you'll soon get over that.  I also enjoy that all the characters have aged giving the show some extra charm... well nearly all of them as Koyomi looks the exact same which I'm guessing it is because of his vampirism causing him not to age a single day and if that's the case I give the crew extra credit for paying attention to detail.

Artwork is really strong with vibrant colors all the way to the smoothest shades.  Art is also pretty crazy with backgrounds that are so weird looking yet mundane all at the same time and I like how the style switches to very cartoony when they aren't being serious.  Japanese dub is the same as it has been since Bakemonogatari which isn't bad as it's a very good dub.  Soundtrack is also really good with a nice J-Rock sound that is hard to dislike.

Only one special feature is part of this release and that is the packaging is in the form of an hardback art-book with some lovely pictures and profiles on some of the characters that appear in the show.  Overall this was a fairly decent show but it did piss me off at times during the beginning but it improved greatly after that.  However it's no way near as brilliant as Bakemonogatari but still I recommend watching this one.

Title: Nisemonogatari Part 1
Animation Studio: Shaft
Genre: Animation/Anime, Lo-Fi Horror/Supernatural, Thriller. Black Comedy, Drama
Running Time: 168 Minutes (7 Episodes)
Distributor: Hanabee Entertainment (http://www.hanabee.com.au/)
Rating: MA15+ (Strong sexual themes, Fantasy violence)
Price: $49.99
Recommended: Yes


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