KNN: Hanabee Goes On A Fishing Trip With The Latest Announcement From Supanova Perth 2013

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Another Supanova Expo, another awesome anime announcement from Hanabee, another episode of Kaiser News Network.  Hi, James Kaiser here and this is KNN.  Hanabee has announced that they will be releasing the fishing anime "Tsuritama".  From the director of "C for Control" (Kaiser's review can be found here: and from the animation company "A-1 Pictures" that brought us anime like " Fractale" (Kaiser's review of Fractale can be found here: comes the anime that's all about a boy living the dream of wanting to be a fisherman.  That sounds like a fairly simple concept and I really am looking forward to watching this one as sometimes the most simplest of shows can be the best kind of shows.  Yeah, yeah there is more to it I know and you can read what the show is about in much better detail after the jump.  The series is set to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 4th 2013.  You can expect a review of the show sometime after it's release right here on Mondo Cool.  I'm James Kaiser and that was KNN.  (Click "Read More" for a much more detailed description of the show).


"Saving the world one fish at a time.
When the fate of the world lies in Yuki's non-existent fishing skills there's only one thing to do - learn to fish of course!  But socially awkward Yuki has more pressing matters drawing his his debilitating inability to communicate with others (and the fact that he's the new kid on the block is not helping matters).
Haru, a peculiar boy with his own secrets, is making it his mission to help Yuki learn to fish and make friends in the process.  Although when your group of potential friends consist of a old "Fishing Prince" and an aloof Indian hiding his own agenda in the form of DUCK things are bound to get messy.
Aired in the acclaim Noitamina timeslot known for it's innovative anime and directed by Kenji Nakamura (C for Control), Tsuritama is sure to reel in and charm every viewer hook, line and sinker."


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