DVD Review: Fractale (2011)

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Fractale is about a young boy named Clain living in a world called Fractale where most people have given up their humanity to live in computer servers.  Clain is obsessed with collecting old technology and while on his way home from a local flea market he sees a girl being chased by a group of thugs.  Clain sees her jumping off a cliff and goes to check out the body (that sounds more morbid than what it really is). The girl is alive and he takes her back to his place so she could recover from her wounds and later we find out that her name is Phryne. The gang of thugs invade his house after several failed attempts to trick him into inviting them in and find nothing but her dress and Clain gets beaten up as the thugs think that he did some very naughty things to her but nope as it turns out that she fled.  Clain finds her in an old building and they chat for a little while until both of them fall asleep.  Clain wakes up in the morning to see that she has fled once again leaving him feeling very frustrated. (For full review please click "Read More").

Clain finds a piece of jewelry in his house that Phryne left behind and discovers that the jewel has some very old information in it and this gets him very excited that he can't help but go through it (the nosy little bastard). While poking around the jewels information he generates a artificial intelligence in the form of a girl around his age. They both go searching for Phryne but end up getting captured by that gang of thugs who end up being a group of freedom fighters that are trying to rage against the machine by trying to take down the Fractale System so people can have more freedom. During an assault on Fractales answer to the Vatican they end up capturing Phryne hoping it would help them win the war.

This show feels more like a war tale rather than a sci-fi series. Despite the freedom fighters making out The Fractale System to be evil monsters, there isn't any good/bad guys to be seen in this but just two sides having different views on how to live in Fractale with both groups having their pros and cons. The shows writing and visual aspects remind me of a mixture between Studio Ghibli and James Cameron films which is odd but very pleasant at the same time. Most of the characters are really enjoyable but there are a few that you will hate right as you first meet them.

Animation in Fractale is excellent and has some of the most charming art-work that I have ever seen in an anime period. There is a whole ton of beautifully detailed stuff drawn in this and you will find a lot of joy from looking at it's beauty. English dub is very great and goes with the characters really well and gives them a ton of charm. Soundtrack is totally astonishing with some of the best music to ever have graced animation, OK that may have been overdoing it there but the soundtrack is still excellent nonetheless.

This DVD does include audio commentaries on episodes one and seven and I recommend giving them a listen after you have watched the show. The commentaries cover the typical things like what it was like working on it, behind the scenes gossip, and it also has what you will know with the Funimation commentaries and that is that most of the talk is just useless trivia about the crews lives. This is not a bad thing as it is oddly enjoyable to listen to as the stories they tell are quite entertaining and don't get frustrated if you don't think they will cover stuff about the anime because they do talk about the shows enough to satisfy your curiosities. This set also has a promotion trailer for the English dub which they could or probably put in some more like some international ones. Overall Fractale is a must watch for everyone that is a fan of animation and even people who don't watch that much animation as the show is that damn good. Highly recommend this one.

Title: Fractale
Animation Studio: A-1 Pictures, Ordet
Genre: Animation/Anime, Sci-Fi, War
Running Time: 253 Minutes (11 Episodes)
Distributor: Siren Visual
Rating: M15+ (Science fiction violence, Sexual themes)
Price: $49.95
Recommended: Yes


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