Blu-ray Review: GYO Tokyo Fish Attack! (2012)

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GYO Tokyo Fish Attack is a short animated horror film about mutant cyborg sea creatures causing havoc in Tokyo.  The movie starts out with a group of teenagers camping in a cabin by the woods and they are having a good time like you would normally have at a place like that.  The slutty one of the group (pardon my tongue) decides that she wants to have a threesome with two of the guys there and right as they are about to mingle a mutant cyborg shark bursts through their window and attacks everyone.  This shark is one mean old perverted bugger too as the first thing he does is pin down the girl from the three way but she manages to get away with only her skirt ripped off and she's screaming bloody murder and running down the hall with her bare ass hanging out (again, pardon my language).  They miraculously defeat the mutant cyborg shark with only minor damage, so what do you think happens next?  She continues on having her threesome with the two bro dudes of coarse.  The other half of the teens are a bit more shaken up about it and they watch the news on the TV and then Kaori (our main heroine) receives a very distressed phone call from her boyfriend saying "Do not return to Tokyo".  Kaori decides to pack up and go back to Tokyo anyway to find her boyfriend but runs into trouble when she sees that the whole city has been infested by mutant cyborg sea creatures.  Kaori is not alone in this twisted fish war as she is joined up with a handsome freelance reporter that just happens to be after her boyfriends uncle who might know the cause of the invasion. (To read the rest of the review please click "Read More").

What I really love about this film is all the influences you see from classic B-grade and A-grade horror films like Evil Dead, The Ring, Alien and many more that gives this film a very charming feel like it's paying tribute to all those horror films you love.  All the characters are what you expect in a film like this with the lead character starting out as a wuss and growing strong while all the rest are getting slaughtered like how Jack the Ripper got his pray.  Action is really damn insane as you could probably imagine from the films description and movie title.


The art-work is decent with a lot of detail but it can also look very dull with all the shades of grey.  The griminess of the monsters is quite well fitting with the fifty shades of grey and brown you see giving it a very gross look and you can also barely notice that a bunch of those monsters are 3D CGI models.  The bare ass you see at the start of the film wasn't bad either (too far with that comment perhaps?).  Animation is passable but not the best but it could of been a lot worse.  This movie is only available in a Japanese dub with English subtitles and the dub is pretty good and feels like I'm witnessing acting straight from 80's B-grade films but Kaori does get a bit annoying when she keeps on screaming her boyfriends name.
*Jaws Theme*

Overall if you are a fan of horror, B-grade films, harming sea creatures, cyborg mutant sharks, bare ass slut in a three-way, this film is for you.  This film is especially good for when you have all your friends around so you can laugh along with the fun (even schools of Tuna will enjoy this).  Highly recommend this one.

We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Title: GYO Tokyo Fish Attack!
Animation Studio: Ufotable
Genre: Animation/Anime, Horror
Running Time: 70 Minutes
Distributor: Hanabee Entertainment
Rating: MA15+ (Mature themes, Course language, Sexual references, Violence)
Price: $39.99
Recommended: Yes


Shintai said...

Very interesting review. Definitely not what I would expect from Ufotable. The average sounding art and animation particularly shocked me. To anyone that has seen the Tales of Symphonia anime and especially the Kara no Kyoukai and Fate/Zero anime will tell you that their art and animation is top tier. Doesn't seem like my kind of flick, since I am not big on B-Grade horror films, so I'll give it a pass, still good review man.

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