Blu-Ray Review: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season 1 (2011)

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Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is a bizarre action show about a high school class training to be high level warriors who end up going to war to rescue a girl called Horizon from being sentenced to commit suicide.  While it is a simple story the show tries to make it more complicated than what it really is and it makes it very frustrating.  While the story is very dumb and confusing you will be drawn in by two very strong elements which are the characters and the action.  The action is very top notch with exciting robot battles, clashes of iron against armor, erotic and exotic magical powers giving it a feeling that I'm listening to a "Dungeons and Dragons" session that me and my friends record every now and then.  Characters in this show are very insane like Tori who is a very flamboyant looking pervert that loves hentai, Masazumi daughter of a politician who is forced to live as a boy, Tori's busty sister Kimi that specializes in the art erotica, and other weirdos like a curry throwing Indian, twin witches that use their broomsticks as guns, a talking slime, and a fat nerd that sounds like a character our pal Darabka the Gaming Beast does for his Beastbar cartoon.  While weird they all have a lot of charm and a lot of sex appeal that you can't help but to find them enjoyable. (Click "Read More" to read the rest of this review).

The art-work in this show is completely insane with very exaggerated looking characters and all the women look like boom poles with bowling ball sized breast attached to them and believe me I wouldn't mind them sweeping up my 10-pin alley if you know what I mean (OK that's taking it a bit to far).   Animation is really impressive during the battle scenes and pretty good during all the other scenes and brace for a lot of bouncing animation for the breast which will offend women and make everyman smile.  Soundtrack has a very grand sound and sets the mood with each scene perfectly and also has some catchy pop-music to boot.  English dub syncs up with the insanity of each character very well but I can see some people switching it to the Japanese dub as some characters can get very annoying.
Tori takes his school studies very seriously, he is studying to become a bomb defuser.
Pretty standard by the book special features for the most part with text-less credit sequences and promotional trailers.  However there is one really unique special feature in this set and that is a lecture about the history of the far east (the place that this show is based in) giving us some extra detail about the show's universe and while this may seem like a novelty of a special feature it was very enjoyable and well worth the time.  However I do warn that this feature is in Japanese with English subtitles only... actually it's only in text as there is no dub in this feature as it also doubles up as a parody on the text adventure hentai games that Tori plays in the series.  I recommend checking out the show but don't go in expecting this to be serious otherwise you will wind-up being disappointed.


Title: Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere Season 1
Animation Studio: Sunrise
Genre: Animation/Anime, Sci-Fi, Action, War, Comedy
Running Time: 325 Minutes
Distributor: Madman Entertainment (
Rating: M15+ (Animated violence, Sexual references)
Price: $64.95
Recommended: Yes 


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